Peterborough council has claimed that selective licensing schemes compel more landlords to switch from self-managing their properties to using a letting agent.

The claim was made this week at the meeting of a scrutiny committee looking at the success of Peterborough’s large selective licensing scheme which is due to end in October.

A new scheme is to be submitted to the secretary of state for approval, which may include more wards than the original scheme following calls for the scheme to be expanded

So far 6,500 licences have been issued to private landlords and 227 properties inspected but with a further 551 due to be inspected including 180 that the council suspects don’t have licences.

Landlords prosecuted

Peterborough council has also prosecuted 15 landlords for non-compliance with the selective licensing scheme regulations, it was revealed.

Jo Bezant, a prevention and enforcement service manager for housing, told councillors at the meeting that most private landlords the council contacted to chase them up on getting a licence, then applied for a licence.

Bezant added: “It’s gone really, really well. What we’ve found has happened is landlords that didn’t know what they were doing – they had one property or two properties – a lot of those have moved and given their properties to agents so the agents manage them,” the Peterborough Telegraph reports.

“So we’ve seen a rise in professionalism of landlords through the management of the properties. And also a lot of landlords went on and did their own accreditation – so went off and became educated in what they should be doing and their legal responsibilities.”

The main reason for non-compliance was from landlords who did not believe the council would take enforcement action, she added.

Read more about selective licensing.


  1. Given that the average rental agent charges in excess of 10% for full management I imagine rents will be going up significantly as a result, so how has this really benefitted tenants?

  2. Within the last four and a half years RSW has done literally nothing except take our money. They are no good whatsoever to neither Landlord nor Tenant.

  3. Rather than come up with ever more stupid licensing schemes Councils would do well to enforce robustly existing housing regulations.

    All Councils should need to do is charge no more than £100 per rental property for a rental licence for 5 years.

    Couple that with a LL licence at no more than £100 every 5 years.

    ANY LL letting out not having these Licences to be subject to an immediate RRO.

    So not much point letting without such licences ad Councils will find out who hasn’t licences.

    If every rental property had a licence requirement at no more than £100 every 5 years that would bring in millions to Councils.

    £100 per rental property is no big deal for small LL.

    Obviously those large LL would have enormous sums to pay.

    This could be managed by allowing them to pay over a 5 year period.

    Most small LL would be able to afford the £100 cost per property as most have only one or two properties.

    Any LL that didn’t bother with complying with
    Licensing requirements would be subject to RRO.

    It would also be a criminal offence for ANY LA to act for LL who don’t have rental property licences or a LL licence.

    That would prevent most fraudulent lettings.

    Enforcement would be far better for Councils to achieve if EVERY rental property and LL was licensed .

    I believe there are about 9 million rental properties and 2.5 million LL.

    Well that is an awful lot of £100’s.

    Of course the licence fees would be offsettable against rental income.

    There would be a National LL template so that all LL are subject to the same licensing questions.

    One of which would be.

    Provide CTL letters from lenders if mortgaged.

    About 300000 LL would fail in just this.

    This is because most are letting fraudulently with residential mortgages without CTL.

    These LL house about 1 million tenants fraudulently.

    It would not be possible to obtain a rental property licence or LL licence if CTL hasn’t been obtained.

    That would render immediately about 1 million tenants homeless.

    But at least then such fraudulent tenancies would be ended!

  4. What on earth makes you think small Landlords can afford £100 on top of everything else they are throwing at us, and why do we need it? These people are only paying themselves, and neither Tenant nor Landlords benefit. What ridiculous idea!!


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