The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called for a two-year rent freeze in the capital until the Covid pandemic eases during which landlords would be allowed to reduce, but not increase rents.

Khan has written to Secretary of State Robert Jenrick asking for the powers required to bring in a rent freeze as the courts service, landlords, tenants and solicitors prepare for possession claim hearings to restart on Monday.

It seems unlikely that Khan will get his request – Conservative ministers are in an almost constant state of war with the Labour mayor and have yet to grant him any of the PRS powers requests he has made in the past, including previous attempts to bring in rent controls.

And yet Khan clearly believes he has a chance this time. “More than ever, COVID-19 means that many of London’s private renters are facing a really uncertain future,” he says.

“More likely to be in lower-paid and insecure work, the end of the furlough scheme means even more renters in the capital are now at risk of pay cuts or losing their job.

“Yet at every stage of this pandemic, renters have been treated as an afterthought by the Government, with protection measures only ever rushed out at the last minute.”

Chris Norris (right), Policy Director for the National Residential Landlords Association, says: “Rent controls would be a disaster for anyone looking for somewhere to rent.

“As history and experience elsewhere tells us, all they would do is drive landlords out of the market exacerbating an already serious shortage of homes available.”

Read Khan’s statement in full.


  1. So LLs – make sure your rent is at market levels now just in case! Another example of good intentioned interference probably costing tenants dearly.

  2. Tricia Urquhart – my thoughts exactly! Two years is a long time. If a LL reduced his rent now he wouldn’t be able to increase it for two years so what would be the advantage to a landlord who is, after all, running a business? Perhaps he could apply the same rules for utility bills, council tax, food, interest rates, etc. Oh dear! I forgot for a second! Landlords are the low hanging fruit.

    • Boo hoo stop complaining money bags. Just because you dislike the idea you wont be able add another 100 quid on top of someones rent. Topping up your already full pockets and taking away key cash for food and heating that people need now more than ever. Listen to you harking on about bills… what do you even know about that. Peoples shelter is not a business. Get some morals. Greedy.

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