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Navigating soaring energy bills and the cost of living crisis - Property podcast - Total Landlord Insurance

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In this episode of The Property Cast, Eddie and Paul welcome energy expert and Head of Tenancy Services at Goodlord, Rik Smith.

Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of the residential energy market, Rik cuts through the jargon to explain what is happening in the energy market at large, revealing the real reasons why the majority of people are seeing soaring energy bills and his predictions for the future.

From the energy price cap and financial support to the small steps you can take today to get your home heat pump ready tomorrow, this podcast is packed with practical advice to help landlords make informed decisions about how to future proof their homes and their profits for a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable future. Tune in to hear Rik’s tips and tricks to help you navigate these turbulent times.

Podcast Guest

Rik Smith, Head of Tenancy Services at Goodlord

As an energy expert, his knowledge of the residential energy market is second to none, having been spokesperson at Uswitch prior to joining Goodlord, and before that working on pricing strategy at British Gas.

Rik has specific expertise in competitor insight, tariff optimisation, renewable energy generation, the code for sustainable homes and zero carbon homes.


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