A new online initiative aims to help students reject traditional student digs in favour of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) has slammed private landlords.

Student Roost says students moving into their first or second year of study will typically scour property websites for shared housing owned by local landlords or university-owned housing, often finding a large property that has higher bills, long waiting times on essential house maintenance and a lack of communication between landlords and tenants.

The accommodation provider has teamed up with an online letting agency to market its properties on search sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove. 

This partnership aims to transform the way students can enquire about, view and book purpose-built rooms – and make it their first choice, says Jason Andrews (pictured), director of operations at Student Roost.

He adds: “Our priority is providing a house, but better, which students will remember as part of their university life for years to come.”

Student Roost has 8,000 student houses across 50 properties in 20 university cities.

Properties include all bills in the rent, communal spaces such as cinema rooms and gyms and a 24/7 team on site, as well as offering flexible tenancy lengths and incentives for rebooking and referring friends.

Student Roost

“We’re proud of the quality of the homes we provide to students, the fact that our rents have all bills and insurance included, and that residents are able to decide whether to pay monthly, termly or the whole year ahead, and also choose flexible tenancy lengths,” it says.

The company says it doesn’t want to criticise private landlords, and that there are “many great student houses and for many students, HMO or a private flat will absolutely be the right option for them.”

Read more about the Purpose Build Student Accommodation (PBSA) market.


  1. At what cost do they provide these wonderful facilities? Many students prefer to rent a dump and spend the saving on beer! Lets have choice in the market!!

  2. Well they would say that wouldn’t they… simply blowing their own trumpet.

    I used to let out properties mostly to international students in London and did so for close to 15 years until I relocated. I was registered with several London Uni’s as a landlord.

    I still regularly hear from one student who returned to Indonesia over 10 years ago…. Not exactly the “Bad landlord” that those corporations conjure up.

  3. After whingeing students wanted to cancel their tenancies because of CV19 I’m surprised many LL would wish to bother with students.

    Far better to convert to professional tenants in HMO situations.
    Lets PBSA house student tenants.

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