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A new programme coming soon to BBC2 television describes the outstanding developments taking place in this northern city which has become unrecognisable from its former self over the last 60 years or so.

Describing the city in superlative terms the trailer for the documentary says:

“A property boom like no other. There’s not been development on this scale in any other European city.” But how will this affect the people who live there the documentary will ask?

As one commentator puts it:

“Regardless of the context and the slant the show puts across, it is more impressive that this is being made about Manchester at all. Whenever there is a similar documentary, it is focused on London and it will generally be negative towards the latest developments. It will talk about gentrification and the downsides of that, yet it is worth thinking about why it is being made. It says a lot about the rising profile of Manchester; it could be that the BBC are based here too.”

Education and Business Centre

Over 100,000 students study in Manchester which represents the largest student campus in Europe and Manchester has the largest UK city region economy outside London, an economy worth £62.8 billion (GVA).

This strength has enabled Manchester to establish an outstanding reputation as a competitive place to do business, boasting massive inward investment and a diverse and high-quality portfolio of business properties. Talent-hungry companies are choosing to invest in Manchester because of its access to 7.2 million people within a one-hour drive.

With over 100,000 students in the city’s colleges and universities, and cutting edge research, Manchester provides companies with unrivalled access to a wealth of talent. With strengths in cyber security, FinTech, genomics, advanced materials, The Graphine Institute for example, and more, the people in the city have the skills needed for the innovative technologies that are shaping our future.

The Changing Skyline

Elsewhere on this topic, Alliance Investments have taken a look back at the rapid growth of this incredible city and how the last 60 years have seen Manchester’s skyline change dramatically. They have also projected into the future as to the way Manchester’s high-rising horizon will change.

According to Alliance Investments there are an additional 43,707 homes, 7,433,737 sq ft of office space, 7,599 hotel rooms and 4,846 student bed spaces currently in the pipeline across Manchester.

The research reveals that since 2006, the city began a steep upward trajectory of tall building construction projects, with over 25 buildings of more than 20 storeys added to the skyline over the last 14 years, compared with just 6 in the previous 45 years

The Trinity Islands development, if built (due completion 2024), is set to overtake Deansgate Square’s South Tower in height, with its tallest tower planned to stand at 213 metres high with 67 storeys.

The video below illustrates what Manchester’s skyline might look like in the year 2028:

This Manchester Evening News link shows just some of the developments either planned, under development or now completed.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.



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