A new technology has been launched to help landlords keep shared properties germ-free by simply switching on a light.

Lighting and energy specialist SaveMoneyCutCarbon has teamed up with US health-tech firm Vyv to bring antimicrobial light technology that inactivates and kills viruses on surfaces to the UK. 

Mark Sait (pictured), CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon, says that anywhere people gather, there’s an opportunity for bacteria and other microbes to grow and proliferate. “Left undetected on surfaces, these microbes can double in number every 20 minutes and can become millions overnight,” he tells LandlordZONE.

“Disinfectant chemical detergent sprays and wipes are effective but are not options in providing continuous disinfection. Current approaches are effective at and around the time of cleaning, but once anything or anyone new enters that environment, the cycle of contamination begins again.”

The UV-free light LEDs – in downlights and strip-lightsare effective against viruses as well as bacteria, mould, fungi and yeast on surfaces.

While they are being used in lifts, kitchens and workspaces, the US has seen a growth in demand for the technology in domestic fixtures such as bathroom extraction fans and Sait says this is an area that is likely to be developed in future.

He adds: “Commercial landlords of office suites, shared workspaces and corporate campuses for example would benefit from this technology and it offers a compelling investment to help businesses return to office spaces – a sector that has been affected heavily by the pandemic.”


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