A government spokesperson has said that a further extension to the current ban on bailiff evictions is likely and that next time it may be for longer than a few months.

The current ban on bailiff evictions was announced on 8th January and is due to expire on 21st February.

Speaking during a debate in the Lords yesterday (pictured), Conservative justice minister Lord Wolfson of Tredegar hinted heavily that evictions were unlikely to ahead while the pandemic continues to rage in the UK, although no decision had been taken yet.

“I accept in principle that we want to look at a longer period and… if we can we certainly will,” he said.


“It is important that our approach remains proportionate and strikes the right balance between continuing to protect tenants and ensuring that landlords can access justice,” he said.

Despite saying this, Wolfson admitted that most tenants served notice now will not face eviction until at least June this year due to the government’s various changes to the possession, bailiff and court rules.

Wolfson (pictured, below), who is a banking lawyer by trade, also defended the government’s decision to adjust the latest eviction rules to allow repossessions when rent arrears were greater than six rather than nine months, and to include those built up during Covid, which previously wasn’t the case.

He told the Lords that the change was a reasonable balance between the needs of landlords and tenants given the financial problem both sides of the PRS are experiencing at the moment.

Woolfson also said the government all the possession claims covered by amended exemptions within the updates rules would be tenants who had stopped paying rent before the pandemic began.

Watch the debate in full.


  1. This minister should also allow people to go to supermarket and pick the item and public can leave without paying or this minister and lords should open their £million properties for homeless and tenants who are not paying.
    what a stupid argument if people can’t pay they should leave..
    why this Government is making so difficult for people who own only two home do they really think people can support mortgage for two homes?
    what a joke Government and Labour is same
    These idiot should be made to pay the bills and Tenants are laughing because they know Landlord can’t do anything, and if same Tenants stop paying bill and council tax than it will become illegal
    Politicians are no where near to close to practical and what the hexk Nobel Nobel ***
    NO plan ban eviction is the only option
    same time big corporate and project which benefits these politicians like H2S eviction is ok. Hypocrites and idiots, i hope they never win any election again


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