More than one-third of landlords have evicted a tenant, raising fears that the imminent abolition of Section 21 will impact a large chunk of the private rental sector.

In a LandlordZONE Twitter poll, we asked: Landlords – have you ever had to evict a tenant? 37% said they had.

Following the Government’s announcement that the ‘No-Fault’ Section 21 is being abolished in the Renters’ Reform Bill to give tenants greater security, landlords across the UK are fearful of the fallout. They hope there will still be provision for tenants to be evicted quickly and more easily if they stop paying the rent, or if they urgently need to sell the property.

However, a recent focus group of landlords at LandlordZONE HQ found that many believed banning Section 21 evictions would be a “car crash of significant proportions”. Many of the landlords had at least one horror story of a rent-defaulting or anti-social tenant who had taken them months to evict from a property. Banning Section 21 evictions will simply make this worse, they argue. Chief executive of lettings agents’ tradebody ARLA Property, David Cox, has also lent his voice to the debate. He tells LandlordZONE that abolishing Section 21 notice evictions will damage the relationship between landlords and their agents, and landlords will face far higher costs and longer waits to regain possession.

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Founder of Landlord Action and star of Channel 5’s Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords says, “My big worry is that there will not be a clear indication from the government that they will not be investing heavily in the court system, as hearings before judges will double if not treble and could lead to further court delays which we see at Landlord Action on a daily basis. The grounds under section 8 have to be amended and modernised with more mandatory grounds with a clear indication that mediation services can be used. If landlords and letting agents DO NOT hear confidence from the ministry of justice then there will be many landlords serving section 21 non-fault notices prior to the ban coming in which will lead to more homelessness of tenants.”


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