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News broke last week of the government’s intention to abolish Section 21, for ‘Non-Fault’,  this would mean under the government’s new plans, landlords would be required to provide ‘concrete, evidenced reason already specified in law’ to bring tenancies to an end, under grounds used in a Section 8 Notice.  Previously in our last survey on Section 21’s . 56% of landlords are using Section 21’s because their tenants are in arrears, because its easier and quicker and most write off the rent. Only 0.5% of landlords served Section 21’s because the tenants had asked for repairs to be carried out, this is called ‘Retaliation Eviction’.

We do fully understand the argument that unscrupulous landlords should not be able to evict good tenants,  without reason and that families to have greater security. But the term, ‘Non-Fault’, is an incorrect phrase, as there is always a reason why a landlord evicts a tenant, mainly rent arrears, or they need to sale or move back into the property.   We want to hear your views, please complete this short survey and give us your views on the latest announcement, there will be a formal consultation by the Government in the future, but in the meantime,  What will the impact be for you?

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Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Following a series of changes to regulations and tax, I decided to withdraw completely from the buy to let sector. I have used section 21 on a number of occasions and have unfortunately damaged previously positive relationships with tenants. I am not a charity, a government or social service and cannot understand why I am expected to act like one. Most landlords would not seek to evict good tenants but equally need to be able to evict bad ones. The government has successfully shifted responsibility to house unruly tenants to the private sector and given local authorities the power to fine them for the tenants impact on the community. The sooner I complete my withdrawal the better.

  2. If the rules for land lords get any tougher, I will sell my properties and they will not be for rent. This will reduce the housing to let stock. This will result in the price of lettings going up as the stock reduces.

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