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Investing in buy to let 2023 - The Property Cast, Total Landlord Insurance

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In this episode of The Property Cast, Eddie and Paul are joined by Richard Donnell, Executive Director at Zoopla. Drawing on Zoopla’s latest data and Richard’s expertise, the trio explore the most important trends in the housing market, sharing their predictions for buy to let in 2023 and what they mean for landlords looking to invest or divest. As the nation re-evaluates its housing needs, we ask - what really needs to be done about the rental stock crisis?

Why, despite the need for a vibrant and professional private rented sector, are so many landlords exiting? And why, despite an average 10% rent increase over the last 12 months and seven to ten enquiries per property, are so few new landlords entering the sector? Packed with insightful commentary and informed advice, this podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to understand the challenges and opportunities of the private rented sector today.


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