Lazy landlords are causing thousands of English renters to feel dissatisfied with the state of their homes.

Figures from the latest English Housing Survey show 17% of private tenants aren’t happy – equating to some 748,000 families who could be living with damp, faulty electrics or dodgy plumbing.

One in four renters report being dissatisfied with the repairs and maintenance carried out by their landlord; the three most common reasons cited were that the landlord didn’t bother doing repairs or maintenance (35%), the landlord was slow to get things done (25%) and that their landlord did the bare minimum (15%).

The figures also show that 23% of privately rented homes (and 12% of socially rented homes) fail to meet minimum standards, 13% of privately rented homes contain a hazard and 11% don’t have a working smoke alarm.

ajay jagota verisure property maintenance

Renting campaigner Ajay Jagota (pictured), founder of specialist claims management firm Veriwise, says the figures really bring home how many people in England are living in danger and squalor as a result of landlords not taking their responsibilities seriously.

He adds: “In every corner of the country there are renters wondering why their landlord won’t get rid of rats or wondering how long a landlord has to fix an electrical problem or can legally leave them without heating – all knowing that any complaints will probably get them nowhere.”

The English Housing Survey collects information about people’s housing circumstances and the condition of housing in England.


  1. Across the Country landlords are wondering why tenants are surprised that they get rats when leaving food out and accessible to vermin, why tenants are surprised at damp when drying clothing on radiators and never opening a window, and why some tenants have no understanding of how long it takes to replace a boiler. Surprisingly it’s not something you can arrange for the next day .
    If they aren’t happy they should vote with their feet and leave , easy really


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