More landlords are speaking out about how they have shored up their tenants’ finances during the pandemic – despite accusations from housing groups such as Generation Rent that they’ve ignored pleas for help.

Research by the National Residential Landlords Association found that 90% of some 4,500 landlords who received a request from their tenant had granted it – and Tan Jeraj (pictured, above), who owns three HMOs in south-west London and manages another three HMOs, is one of them.

Tan, who runs a property management firm, has forked out thousands of pounds since last March, typically offering £50 or £75 a month discounts for a few months to about a dozen of his 30 tenants, but he’s even reduced the rent by between £100 and £200 for up to a year for some who were really up against it.

Most have now been able to find work and are paying full rent again.

“If a tenant struggles to pay rent because they’ve lost work you have the option of counting up their arrears and insisting it’s paid back at some point or you can try and work with them and take a hit – I’ve chosen the latter,” Tan tells LandlordZONE.

“I figure if they’re in that situation, they’ve got enough stress to deal with. When you show people goodwill, it results in better relationships. Over time, landlords that do this will make more money or have fewer void periods.”


However, because his tenants live together, he’s found it tricky being fair to everyone.

He explains: “One tenant had been furloughed so I gave her a discount and she told another tenant and it created a sticky situation so I gave discounts to both of them, even though the other tenant was still working.”

Tan reckons that he could be seen as both selfless and selfish because he knew he’d have to give a six-month notice period if he’d decided to evict instead.

He says: “If you couldn’t get a tenant out it wouldn’t create a good atmosphere as they would stop paying altogether.” But he adds: “I believe that if collectively, landlords were more empathic and willing to help their tenants, it would result in a better industry and nicer world.”

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  1. AGAIN we come to the defunct phrase of money-grabbing or greedy LL.

    Those who trot out these ridiculous phrases are NEVER prepared to indicate at what point a LL is deemed to be money-grabbing or greedy.

    In short these phrases are just used by those jealous of those who have assets that they can charge for their use.

    Any LL who charges more than the tenant is prepared to pay will hardly be greedy.
    They will have a vacant property!

    In short there are NO greedy or money-grabbing LL.

    They charge market rents.

    If a LL chooses not to charge market rents that doesn’t make them a Saint.

    It is just their business CHOICE!

    Every LL is entitled to choose their own business methodology though I would suggest that with leveraged properties LL are required to charge a certain amount by the lender otherwise the lender wouldn’t lend!!’

    Leveraged LL are therefore compelled to charge rent at levels that many would consider excessive for their pocket.

    That doesn’t make the LL greedy.

    They have to charge whatever it takes to make that property viable.

    Rarely do leveraged LL have the luxury of charging lower than market rents.

    Whenever I confront the idiot posters who witter on about greedy or money-grabbing LL NONE of them EVER respond as to at what point do they consider a LL becomes greedy or money-grabbing?

    These idiots should just keep their mouths shut and stop coming out with so much verbiage.

    Every individual LL has different business parameters which guides their rental offer.

    Rarely do 2 LL have comparable circumstances to create an identical offer.

    No prospective tenant is obligated to sign an AST.

    It is their choice if they wish to take up the LL offer.

    Like most things in life some are better afforded by others.

    Much as I’d like a Porsche I can’t afford it so I make do with a Fiesta.

    I DON’T moan about it.

    It is just that I choose to afford my Fiesta.

    Tenants need to understand that just because they can’t or refuse to afford a LL offer doesn’t make the LL greedy or money-grabbing.

  2. Great Landlord, who is willing to be flexible because his situation allows it. Obviously if the landlord is in a tight financial situation then this would not be possible. We work with many landlords and understand their personal situations.

    My Landlord Cares

  3. LOL! So this double edged report shows the landlord as buisness minded who placed themselves into financial issues through a ‘greedy’ tenant not being furloughed or coping with loss of wage and whom wanted the SAME discount as another tenant. Reason 1) greed 2) knowledge that the govt. created the scenario that they could stop ALL payments and it would take a set period of time (+) to evict them.

    My situation, tenant of a London property asked for 20% discount as wage now only 80%, ok said yes…. now trying to get them to go back to 90%/100%… joke… oh and agency didn’t discount me!!! Lol… another tenant stopped paying last August… still going through courts… great!

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