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London firm CreditLadder is now partnered with global giant Equifax to help landlords and letting agents reference tenants by checking their rent payment track record.

An online platform that both enables tenants to improve their credit score by paying their rent on time, and landlords and letting agents to check their rent payment track record, has begun a partnership with one of the UK’s largest credit checking agencies, Equifax.

CreditLadder’s service helps landlords and letting agents better understand which prospective tenants have the best rent payment records if they use CreditLadder’s tenant referencing service that uses its own rent recording data.

This is the same data that is also then added to a tenant’s credit history and used by Equifax, which in turn helps the UK’s main high street lenders determine creditworthiness.

The announcement makes CreditLadder the UK’s largest rent reporting platform; it has thousands of tenants signed up to its service and has reported rent worth over £150 million since it launched four years ago.

It also recently received £500,000 in funding from an HM Treasury tech fund after the government signalled its desire to see a more level playing field in the housing market.

While homeowners have their mortgage repayments recognised, until recently renters have not, an imbalance the previous and current Conservative government have wanted to correct.

Huge lift

“The inclusion of rental data in credit assessments is a huge lift to improve financial inclusion and fairer access to the right financial products,” says Janice Rudd, Data Director at Equifax.

“This data insight provides lenders with a much more reflective picture of the amount renters can afford to borrow.

“Renters who make full and timely monthly payments should see a significant benefit in proving their ability to repay a commitment, just like mortgage payers. We’re pleased to work with CreditLadder to unlock better financial outcomes for consumers and lenders alike.”

Sheraz Dar, CEO at, say: “CreditLadder’s mission is to deliver financial fairness to the UK’s millions of tenants, helping them access the credit they need, for example when they want to buy their own home.” The other online service offering a similar rent reporting service is Canopy, while Homelet recently integrated the Open Banking capabilities of Movem into its referencing service.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Interesting innovation, although I wonder how it would impact low earners or those who were on zero hours contracts, and would struggle to keep up payments some months? Wouldn’t it inadvertently blacklist people who for circumstances beyond their control find themselves in financial difficulties?


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