Nottingham landlords are being encouraged to apply for funding to fit gas boilers in their properties, despite the government’s push to swap them for heat pumps.

An email from Nottingham City Council promoting its Warm Homes Hub initiative tells them: ‘Landlords, you and your tenants may be eligible for heavily subsidised 1st time gas central heating and/or insulation measures for your property. You and your tenants could be eligible for services like gas connection, 1st time gas central heating, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, community scheme. The offer is heavily subsidised for landlords, however a contribution of £500 is needed.’

The government recently launched its Heat and Buildings Strategy, offering home owners and landlords grants of up to £5,000 from next April to buy heat pumps to replace their old boilers over the next decade through a new £450 million three-year Boiler Upgrade Scheme.


Incredulous landlord Tricia Urquhart asks why this scheme is offering subsidised installation of a heating system which is supposed to be phased out. 

She tells LandlordZONE: “The contradictory messages from the government make it impossible for landlords to plan for the future. I want to do my bit for climate change but the mixed messaging at the moment is unbelievable!”

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson says its Warm Homes Hub initiative replaces carbon-intensive, costly and polluting fuel sources, bringing a number of benefits to alleviate poverty and cold-related health conditions.

He adds: “The project ends in March next year, when we hope to be able to secure funding from the government’s recently-released clean energy programmes to continue our important fuel-poverty reduction work, but crucially free of fossil-fuel use.

“This aligns with our ambition to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral city by 2028 and increasing the proportion of renewable energy technologies in Nottingham homes.”


  1. It’s clearly a postcode lottery in that case. I just completed an application for cavity wall insulation etc and was told that due to the number of people applying, that they would only consider me if I had electric only heating or if someone in the property was claiming some form of state benefits.

    There are households that do not qualify for state benefits that can barely afford to eat, let alone pay the escalating energy costs although, thankfully, that’s not me

    Fortunately, armed with my 15% discount voucher I was able to purchase enough roof insulation to top up the loft to 300mm for less than £100. I guess that the powers that be are banking on the fact that there will be more people like me than not and in fact, their efforts will fall broadly short of what is required to make a significant difference and are simply a token commitment.


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