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BLOG: Why the fashion for 'landlord bashing' is incredibly ironic

landlord bashing

Landlord bashing isn'�t a new sport. It'�s been around since as long as anyone remembers and truthfully, no matter how sacred the PRS becomes, it'�s always going to be a thing.

Tenants defaulting on arrears will always look at an eviction notice with a level of intended cruelty, even though this isn'�t the case.

Most landlords don'�t boot out tenants in arrears immediately, but will do so when their arrears start to impact their livelihood.

I like to use the restaurant analogy. Most food establishments won'�t turn away a person in need that comes through their doors. However, if that same restaurant continues to give away dishes to a point where their income is impacted, they could cease to trade at all.

Sure, no landlord actively takes pleasure in removing a tenant from their property with no reason, but this is how the picture is painted for so many Landlords who are just trying to do good.

However, what has struck me is the total irony of the attitude of so many tenants that are actively renting properties from the people they despise so much.

I'�m part of a Facebook group called Landlords UK, and to their credit, it'�s incredibly well run with communal input from landlords nationwide.


And with what so many landlords are contributing to this group on a day to day basis, it'�s easy to see the aforementioned irony.

Don'�t get me wrong. As long as this tenant pays rent on time and doesn'�t cause any problems, I couldn'�t care less about what decorations they have inside their own home.

But without their landlord, they wouldn'�t have a home.

As a tenant (and a non-Landlord) myself, it really does make you question why such an opinion has been formed and whether this tenant'�s choice in decor has been influenced by previous experiences.

I'�m well aware that not every Landlord is by the book, as is with any industry, you'�re always going to get a few that aren'�t pleasant to deal with.

But all Landlords aren'�t the same, and for us to be able to improve, I think tenants need to come to a new understanding that a vast majority of Landlords are trying to do right and they shouldn'�t be '�bashed'� before they'�re able to prove that this is the case.

Connor Hevingham is an experienced marketing executive within the property industry, working predominantly with property management software. He currently works with Alphaletz and interacts with plenty of landlords, helping them make life easier with the assistance of technology. All views here are his own.

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