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Providing a safe kitchen and appliances that help tenants to keep utility costs down requires both the installation of efficient equipment and its continuous maintenance in line with legislation.

That seems easy enough to achieve in a single buy-to-let property may be harder to keep up in HMO’s, where multiple tenants sometimes exhaust kitchens appliances.

Elfin Kitchens takes a look at how to increase HMO kitchen safety with the help of compact kitchen units and highlights a few low cost features that can contribute to big savings.

For landlords managing the power supply in Homes of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s) such as student accommodation, the use of kitchens facilities within communal areas can pose a real challenge.

Often, shared kitchens command meticulous maintenance to safeguard adherence to fire safety and electrical safety measures as well as more regular replacements due to overuse of electrical appliances.

This can result in high labour and cost outlays, and in the worst-case scenarios – where exhausted, hobs ovens or toasters turn into hazard sources – expensive claims.

Similar, tenants that try to avoid the communal kitchen by connecting their own toasters, kettle and mini fridges to the sockets via an extension lead in their rooms may inadvertently cause electrical circuit over loads, which are recognised as a common fire and electrical safety hazard as well as an issue when it comes to the distribution of power supply.

An alternative approach for some forward thinking landlords wishing to have a better control of power supply and electrical safety is to install compact kitchen units that can be retro fitted into individual bedrooms, thus removing safety concerns from communal areas and makeshift kitchens in tenant’s rooms.

With an Elfin at only 900 to 1500mm wide and including an A+ rated fridge with freezer compartment, sink and drainer, landlords can offer tenants their own safe, efficient kitchen space.

A+ rated fridge ensures that one of the highest energy efficiency standards available are met and a unit that suits the needs of individual tenants will be more economical to run as it uses less electricity.

Conveniently, Elfin compact kitchens come with a generous 120ltr fridge that includes a 4**** freezer compartment. In a similar vein, a combination microwave oven, will help reduce electricity bills compared to the use of a traditional oven.

Where hotplates are not required, the mini kitchen can be delivered as a handy tea station.  Where the mini kitchen includes hob, however a 30 minute cut-out timer will make sure that food is not left cooking for longer than necessary, offering built-in safety and encouraging sensible energy use.

Last but not least a monobloc mixer tap is an economic, stylish feature that will provide ideally tempered water without having to waste hot water.

This will have a knock-on effect on heating bills particularly in properties that use electrical heating.

Compact kitchens and tea points provide an instant safe solution for HMO landlords looking to add value to their properties and take hard-earned cash from maintenance and their tenant’s utility bills.

Elfin Kitchens are a recognised supplier for the National Landlords Association

Please Note: This Article is 7 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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