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Landlord Action, in association with has been investigating the possibility of legal action against the Bank of Ireland. Landlord Action director (and solicitor) Justin Selig has now obtained expert opinion that such an action would have good chance of success. The investigation was started with landlords in mind but the legal action will include residential mortgage holders too.

Thousands of landlords are about to see their mortgage payments double, or even triple, after the Bank of Ireland (BOI) and Bristol and West wrote to those who took out tracker rate mortgages prior to 31st October 2004, advising that they would be increasing their margin over bank base rate.

Buy-to-let and residential mortgage holders are incensed because they believed that they were on lifetime tracker mortgages paying a fixed margin over the Bank of England base rate. Landlords began discussing the issues on the Property118 forum and Landlord Action stepped up to investigate on their behalf.

The Bank of Ireland and their subsidiary Bristol & West wrote to borrowers to inform them that the increased payments take effect from 1st May 2013. Other than that, they have been very quiet over the matter.

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Landlord Action is advising anyone with a Bank of Ireland or Bristol & West tracker-mortgage (buy-to-let or residential) and who has received a letter from them in February 2013 notifying them of the hike, to join the action. So far almost 300 mortgage holders have requested the forms to sign up.

Joining costs just £100+VAT. You will get advice, prepared letters of complaint and by joining together you will add to (and benefit from) the power of a group. To join with others, contact

Landlord Action is a UK based organisation helping landlords and property professionals deal with problem tenants.

Founded in 1999 as the first ever fixed-fee tenant eviction specialist, they revolutionised this area of legal practice. They have acted in 20,000 problem tenant cases and are considered the authority in this field. Unlike solicitors, Landlord Action will not act for tenants, only landlords and property companies.

Landlord Action run a free advice line to help landlords and property professionals understand their rights: 0333 240 9767

Paul Shamplina is one of the key founders of Landlord Action with 25 years experience in the legal field. He has previously worked as a legal clerk, private investigator, debt collector and certified bailiff.

He has appeared regularly on TV and radio and lectures across the UK at landlord seminars and events and still works full time in the office, heading up the team of advisors.

Paul believes passionately in the rights of the landlord and is always available for comment on any landlord/tenant matters.

Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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