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Fugitive Midlands landlord faces long jail sentence

rogue landlord midlands jail

A rogue landlord and fugitive fraudster who intimidated his tenants is in jail after more than five years on the run.

Zahid Khan (main image, inset), 38, from Moseley, fled the UK in 2018 during his trial for a £500,000 number plate scam and since then has taunted police by showing off his luxurious life in Dubai on social media.

He had styled himself as a Ferrari-loving, celebrity-mingling, homeless helping, millionaire pilot, reports The Birmingham Mail.

In 2016, Khan was exposed as a rogue landlord for forcing six tenants out of his home in Yardley Wood Road, which was deemed unsafe and unlicensed.

Birmingham Magistrates Court heard he had breached regulations and intimidated the tenants into quitting the property, threatening to change the locks.


He had also contravened management regulations. He was fined £2,000, ordered to pay £5,070 costs and carry out 150 hours of community service.

Khan lodged an appeal and saw three offences dismissed; however, the court upheld the three counts of interfering with the peace and comfort of tenants, failing to provide adequate smoke alarms, and failing to obtain an HMO licence for the property.

In 2018, police confirmed that Khan had been charged with concealing criminal property relating to six allegedly stolen vehicles bearing allegedly cloned number plates.

Khan was also accused of conspiracy to commit fraud, two counts of perverting the course of justice, transferring criminal property and four offences of fraud by false representation. He had already admitted three counts of fraudulently obtaining car insurance and was sentenced to ten years.

Khan had also been involved in trying to smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK in the back of his tyre lorry. He was found guilty of conspiring/assisting in unlawful immigration and sentenced to 30 months, which was later increased by 14 months for failing to comply with a confiscation order.

He was finally extradited from Turkey last December. In a hearing last week, he pleaded guilty to the offence of failure to surrender and sentencing will take place at a later date.


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