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At the time of the Grenfell Tower fire, most responsible landlords would have been questioning their own properties’ infrastructure and safety provisions.

A few months on, however, the horror and tragedy have slipped from the headlines, and the minds of many landlords, and we suspect few landlords have made significant changes.

With everything else you’ve got to consider when you’re a landlord, it’s easy to put repairs and improvements onto a to-do list, particularly when you’re not sure what modifications are required.

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But fire hazards can be a matter of life and death and we’ve got to take them seriously. The last thing you want is an incident in one of your properties, the legal consequences for you, and all the bad publicity that would entail, not to mention the possibility of a tragedy for occupants and their families.

We’re asking you to make a firm commitment to join us for our webinar.

We’ll be focusing on fire, looking at the things you have to do as a landlord – and the things you can do to protect your tenants and your property.

Fire – a Landlord’s Guide

A webinar hosted by Sim Sekhon of LegalforLandlords® and Tom Entwistle, Editor of LandlordZONE®

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