Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.

Its producers are looking for landlords who need help with a nightmare tenant or letting agent and are happy to feature in the show.

Are you one of the millions of landlords who tune in to watch Channel 5’s regular Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords TV show?

If you are, and need help including ejecting a tenant who has failed to pay their rent or any other ‘nightmare tenant’ or ‘nightmare letting agency’ problems, then it’s time to get in touch.

London-based Britespark Films, which has been making the TV show since 2015, is making its 6th series.

The highly popular and rated documentary regularly features the eviction services of Landlord Action’s Paul Shamplina (pictured, above, during filming).
From the eviction of tenants who default on their rent as well as scam letting agents and housing enforcement teams cracking down on ‘beds in sheds’, the show has helped more than 200 landlords get their properties back.

If you are a landlord seeking help and are happy to have your case highlighted on TV, Britespark Productions would like to hear from you. Please email details of your story to and also Paul Shamplina and the Landlord Action team will be happy to assist you Landlord Action

Please Note: This Article is 3 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. I have been forced to live in a uninhabitable property for over 15 years , due to the fact my family co own the property and sub let the shop it and do not put any money towards the property

  2. During the lock down no hot water,missing 2windows, no gas , my tennant has not given rent in over 30 years as my father takes all the rent who has no connection to the property what so ever no tenancy agreement as I co own the property the other co owner won’t sign any type of agreement as he has been taken my 50per cent of the rent in cash and putting towards his home without a care in the world.

    • just to make it wise do you think its wise for you to post your phone number when you could email him or contract channel 5 and they will do the rest

  3. I have a tenant who hasn’t paid rent for a year and has made death threats to me. He has completely damaged a property that has been in my family for 70 years

  4. Series 5 episode 1 their was a man who was forced to pay £1100 because his son couldn’t pay his rent. This man had to pay out of his pension. I would like to pay this man the £1100 can you please contact me or give me his contact number, I’m sure he was from Darwen, Blackburn… please contact me.

  5. My Aunt has an issue with her landladies and Jessop’s the letting agent for the last 5 years. She’s reported issues with rusty radiator, back door, slugs coming up the skirting boards, damp in all the rooms, ceiling falling down, lounge window falling in. The carpets wet and stinky from rotten floors. Beams for Floor are rotten throughout and has black mould. Under stairs cupboard has mould an damp and was patched up with ply from last tenancy. She has a hole in her floor at the bottom of the stairs. Environmental agency were going round then cancelled as the Landladies said they were looking into going through insurance to do the work. Which my Aunt and 12 year old cousin who are both constantly ill with coughs, sickness, depression, anxiety would be re-housed whilst work carried out. Landladies then gave her 4 months notice to get out. There is no where to rent and she has to leave next week. The council don’t have anything for her and cant do anything until she is homeless.
    They’ve told her she needs to clean the carpets despite the floor underneath being rotten and expect her to pay her full rent.

    She wants to show these Landladies and Jessop’s for what they really are and ensure that no one else rents the property from them without all the work being done.

  6. Hi, we are landlords that have very troublesome tenants. We are based in Bromsgrove, west midlands, we have tenants that have refused to pay since March 2020 (covid lockdown) we are running through the eviction process with them but they are refusing to leave or repair the damage they have caused. They are very unsociable and cause a nightmare to the neighbourhood. They currently owe us over £10,000 in unpaid rent and there eviction date is end of january 2022 . No signs of them moving out. I think this would make a really good episode highlighting the vulnerable position landlords have been in since covid lockdown and the overall disrispect tenants can have to respectful, law abiding landlords like ourselves. We are about to instruct a team of bayliffs and commence court proceedings to evict them. Please let me know if this would be of interest for your show and I can offer you more information.

  7. Hi there I would like to report my landlords for 4 unsafe houses.
    Ours are one of these .
    We have been asking for these to be done and nothing has materialised.
    There are wiring exposed out the wall next to boiler.
    Health haza6gor fire .
    Boiler exploded on us in September with hot water coming out every were.
    Upstairs toilet waste pipe is notnon propley sp when you flush the toilet all waist comes out and lecks down stairs.
    No heating at present
    Shower lecks down stairs were there is a fuse box and light directly under neath .
    We have mold in the down stairs toilet were the lack has come through down the walks and then though to hall way .
    Stair case is lose and dangerous.
    Also another tenant 2 doors up has the same landlord and has the same problems.
    Also there is a big hole upstairs on the landing and its bean covers over by a peace of mdf board then carpeted over it.
    So theres a dip in the floor .
    We pay 700 per month for a house that’s not fit to live in .
    We now have stopped paying. And speaking legal advice.
    We have reported this to environmental health.
    Since then our landlord took it on him self go and turn off our water supply.
    By going to the end of our drive and cutting it by the meter.
    Please can you help .
    They own 4 houses which are the ones I’m taking about .
    Then they own more in Nottingham.
    We live at number 4 elma gardens newhall swadlincote de11 0wa

  8. Guinness Partnership Havant London commit fraud with police chief and national health service backdated racism to a tenant in death traps apartments mother of one child now a young adult is still alive today no touch base with the victim violence was on her body through lethal injection past court applicant. email address now defunct. True Account evidence maintained in her home address.

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