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Will the looming PRS reforms make evicting badly-behaved tenants more difficult?

the property cast

After years of campaigning and lobbying by tenant groups the Government has committed to huge changes for landlords when evicting tenants.

This includes most controversially binning Section 21 notice evictions, which enable landlords to give notice to tenants without naming a 'fault', commonly known as no-fault evictions.

These are used most often to remove tenants who have stopped paying the rent and built up significant arrears, or who are behaving badly or breaking their rental contracts in other ways.

Rishi's promise

Rishi Sunak recently promised to ensure that landlords will still have the ability to remove tenants who behave badly as part of his campaign to stop anti-social behaviour in our wider society.

But what will all this mean for private landlords once the Renters (Reform) Bill goes live next year, and will evicting rogue or badly behaved tenants become more difficult?

Answering these questions in the latest ThePropertyCast episode are experts Paul Shamplina and Paul Sowerbutts of Landlord Action, along with HFIS chief executive officer Eddie Hooker. Listen in here or watch them on Youtube below.