Most landlords are not convinced that Michael Gove is the right person to lead the newly named Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, but hope he’ll treat them fairly.

A new survey from online lettings company found that just 10% of landlords agree with his appointment as Housing Minister, compared to 23% who disagree with it and 67% who are ambivalent.

There is also scepticism over whether Gove will prove to be landlord-friendly; of those surveyed, just 11% feel he will, while 36% feel he won’t, and the remaining 52% are unsure.

A desire to be treated fairly topped their list of priorities, followed by a desire to see Gove deal with rogue landlords, while bringing back mortgage interest relief and avoiding red tape were also uppermost in many landlords’ minds.

Jonathan Daines

Jonathan Daines, founder and CEO, says the survey highlights the scale of the new minister’s need to win over hearts and minds.

“Landlords will be watching and waiting to see how well Michael Gove rises to the challenge,” he says.

“Many of those providing much-needed rental homes seem to be reserving their judgement, creating both an opportunity and a challenge for him.”

Adds Daines: “The UK continues to be desperately short of homes, while landlords have been on a tumultuous ride in terms of government-induced financial changes over the past few years.

“Given the impact of those changes, it is perhaps unsurprising that so many landlords are on the fence about whether Gove will be prepared to fight their corner.”


  1. The only future Michael Gove is interested in is his own! He and Boris are vote chaser who will support whatever cause they believe will help their own future the most. Not that it really makes any difference – here today gone tomorrow in the Housing Ministry – or should I say the Levelling Up Dept – we’re not even a ministry anymore!

  2. Gove is part of the Tory cabal that seeks the eradication of small LL.

    Therefore no assistance from Gove at all.

    These idiot Tories are determined to see LL properties being sold to homeowners.

    The idiot Tories haven’t yet worked out who will house tenants who AREN’T capable of becoming homeowners.

    The Tories in seeking electoral advantage have proven themselves amateurish.

    They really do believe that a homeowner would vote Tory rather than Labour.

    Those younger potential homeowners will not vote Tory for at least another 20 years.

    The Tories will find disgruntled Tory voting TENANTS will vote Labour as rental supply dries up.

    Attacking the small LL is politically very naive.

    Something Gove should really be aware of.

  3. I’ve seen no evidence that the current or previous govts over at least the last 20 years had anything favourable to say about people who chose to invest in the PRS.
    With the appointment of Gove I see nothing to change my views on that.

    I’m a businessman not a social worker, while I make money in the PRS I will continue to invest and when its no longer viable I will leave, simple as that.

    I have zero interest in the homeless, just as Supermarkets care not for those that are hungry. We are simply running businesses. If supermarkets were to start giving away free food they would be bust in a matter of weeks.

    I’m not interested in renting to “Challenging” Clients… That’s the Council Housing dept’s job.

    In the last 10 years from G Osbourne onwards there has been a huge assault on the PRS investors. With loads of red tape, EPC’s etc etc
    Is Gove going to scrap EPC rules… No
    Is Gove going to scrap Right to rent laws… No
    Is Gove going to guarantee investors are paid directly from Universal Credit… No…

    The facts are simple…. Politicians need votes.
    An investor that has 1 rental will most likely be renting to a couple. Therefore, he has a 2 to 1 voting disadvantage.
    An investor who has 10 rentals has a 20 to 1 voting disadvantage…
    Who do you think Gove is going to side with.

    As Obama famously said “You will be at the back of the queue”.


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