A platform that helps private landlords operate their portfolios via a limited company has expanded its operations into Scotland, enabling it to claim to offer its service across two of the UK’s key property investment markets.

The platform, which was set up in 2020, is unique because it enables buy-to-let investors around the world to invest in UK property via a limited company.

The platform, which has a former Google senior within its management team, already manages some £500m of UK property assets on behalf of its clients.

GetGround says it has expanded into Scotland because its BTL properties offer the highest rental yields than those in England – it claims 5.8% on average compared to 4.3% in England and 3.9% in London.
Scotland is home to 15% of the UK’s rental properties, concentrated principally within Glasgow, Edinburgh and the ‘Central Belt’.

The platform also says its Scottish move enables investors and landlords to operate properties across the UK from one platform, and compare the performance of their different assets.

Moubin Faizullah Khan, CEO of GetGround (pictured) says: “GetGround exists to solve the complexity of UK property investing and make it more accessible to a greater number of investors.

“Country borders won’t hold us back in this quest. We’re delighted to now be able to offer a better buy-to-let experience to both new and existing investors, extending the transparency, speed of service and value for money we’re becoming known for in England and Wales to Scotland’s thriving buy-to-let market.”

GetGround has gained tractions as the UK BTL sector becomes increasing ‘corporatise’, spurred on by HMRC changes that make operating a portfolio via a limited company more tax-efficient than as a private individual.


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