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Shelter refutes claim it has 'become too big'

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Shelter has told a BBC radio show that the organisation has not become too big.

The claim was made by radio presenter Mark Coles during his regular Profile show on Radio 4 that examines people in the public eye including most recently, Shelter’s CEO Polly Neate.

Coles said that Shelter has ‘some critics’ including landlords who are unhappy with its call for an outright ban on ‘no fault’ evictions, and also people who think the charity has “become too big and that it drowns out other smaller homelessness organisations".

In response to Coles’ comments, the programme included a response from the charity’s Head of Community Service, Connie Cullen.

She replied that this was “not fair” and that “trying to make sure the scale of the [housing] emergency and the response that’s needed is understood is what Polly is all about”.

But the programme’s format, which looks at all aspects of each subject, included details of Neate’s recent climbing accident while abseiling off sea cliffs in Dorset which saw her nearly lose her foot to severe fractures, having her home egged by anti-female rights campaigners during her stewardship of Women’s Aid and being a keen fan of the Archers radio drama.

As LandlordZONE recently reported, the Profile programme comes hot on the heels of Shelter’s recent angry claims that the Renters (Reform) Bill is being ‘watered down’ by landlord MPs.

This followed the Government’s announcement that the Bill’s Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions ban would not be introduced until the court system has been reformed.

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Listen to the programme in full.


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