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Hard campaigning by tenants’ organisations and a lack of clarity from government had led many renters to mistakenly believe they off the hook during the crisis, it has been claimed.

The campaigning efforts of tenants’ organisations and a lack of guidance from the government have led many renters to believe that they no longer have to pay their rent, the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) has warned.

It says large numbers of members are contacting the organisation to report how tenants are claiming that they are no longer required to pay their rent during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As LandlordZONE has reported recently, this includes the London Renters’ Union, which on Friday issued a ‘rent stop’ template letter for renters to send their landlords and raised 102,000 signatures for a petition, while the National Union of Students has also called for rent payments to be suspended.

In response, the NRLA has called on government to provide strong guidance to the public that they should carry on paying their rent where possible, and that landlords are not being given the automatic right to have a three-month mortgage holiday

“This is not a green light to tenants everywhere to stop paying their rent.”

Ben Beadle, NRLA

“The mortgage repayment holiday is only available for landlords who are struggling to make their payments because their tenants are unable to pay part or all of their rent as a direct result of the coronavirus [pandemic] and through no fault of their own,” says the NRLA’s its Chief Executive

“What it does allow is that where a tenant is having genuine difficulty in meeting their rent payment because of a loss of income, landlords have much greater flexibility to agree a mutually acceptable plan with the tenant to defer the rent due.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. The LGA has issued guidance last week clearly stating, amongst other things, that tenants are still required to pay rent. Will find reference and post.

  2. Here’s the reference:
    COVID-19 and renting: guidance for landlords, tenants and local authorities
    Non-statutory guidance for landlords, tenants and local authorities in the private and social rented sectors in the context of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
    Published 28 March 2020
    From: Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

  3. It is ridiculous to hear these news nowadays. As a landlord myself who is living with my rental income i have started to see this kind of news especially on social media platforms. My mortgage company says, my payments will increase at the end of 3 months so is my interest rate..Why should i suffer for the sake of helping my tenant, who is going to help me after 3 months!! on top of that i am not going to get 3 months rent all together at the 4th month isn’t it!! Unless government wants to pay my rent then i can give the payment holiday!!!!!

    • I am in the same boat I live on my rental income having planned over 30 years to cover my old age now absolutely stumped this month as all three rentals have not paid but my mortgage company so far has not agreed to assist –

  4. we look at the rents, and what rents people are able to pay. Now like mortgages some tenants are paying there max rent. if they say have a 3 months reduced/no rents, where will they find the extra to pay ?

    also law wise between a tenant and landlord an agreement has to be signed, as the tenancy is an agreement to pay the actual rent amount of a certain day of the month. here we need to add an extra agreement to the tenancy

    apart from these draught letters for tenants, the rest is all verbal agreement.

    what land lords need is full details on not only the mortgage repayments, but some of us have empty properties we cannot fill, due to the lockdown. we need council tax allowance for any empty house during this period.

    All land lords deal with banks; so we also need during this period overdraft interest put to 0%, bank charges dropped to zero. the public bailed out the banks, now its time for the banks to repay, and bail us out !!

    many thanks

    shaun carter
    landlord cornwall
    07970 449278

    • Hi
      I agree with you, our rental income is what we live off. If we reduce the rent to our tenants we will never get the balance as all tenants live hand to mouth, and if we give them a total rent holiday then what are we supposed to live off. At least the working tenant, if not working at the moment, will get 80% of his salary, as landlords we won’t get 80% of our rental income from the government!!!!

  5. There is a general feeling amongst the rented sector that if you are a landlord you are wealthy. Well some might be, but the majority are not. We have to pay mortgages, we have to pay all bills on voids and our income is constantly being eroded by a government that is slowly removing the right to offset your cost of business ie: your mortgage interest from taxable earnings.

    It’s getting close to being a decision as to whether to continue to rent and what happens if we all sell up? That’s an easy answer because the properties won’t be sold into the rented sector, they will most likely get swallowed back into the buyers market. The net result is less rented properties which means a lower supply of rented housing and under the normal terms of economics, higher rents.

    It’s time the government started supporting the private rented sector and realise that without us there would be a lot more families required to be temporarily housed in hotels and the like at massive public expense.

  6. Pray tell what business is it of any tenant whether they perceive their LL is wealthy or not! ?

    LL provide a service for which tenants pay rent.
    Tenants readily enter into the rent contract.
    No LL has ever been able to force a tenant to sign a tenancy contract.

    Why is there an expectation in society that when it comes to rental accommodation that LL should subsidise tenant lifestyles! ?

    The wealth or not of a LL is IRELEVANT.

    There are contractual obligations which MUST be met with WHATEVER you resources the tenant has.
    If that means no money for food then so be it.
    Rent comes FIRST.

    LL are not charities.
    Nobody walks out of a supermarket with a load of shopping without paying for it.
    That is theft.
    The same occurs with rental property.
    Failing to pay rent is theft of accommodation.
    It should be an arrestable offence like shoplifting is!!
    It would be different if tenants couldn’t pay rent but offered the LL to vacate immediately.
    Then it would be for the LL to determine whether they wished the tenant to vacate or not.

    It should be for feckless tenants to build up financial resilience to ensure they can meet their contractual rent payment obligations.

    Why should tenants be allowed to ponce off LL!?

    It is outrageous that it seems that society expects LL to subsidise feckless tenants lifestyles. ………………..why! ?

    Why should it not be an expectation that tenants should ensure they are financially resilient to ensure they can pay their rent in the absence of income for at least 6 months!?
    Why should it be that LL are expected to resource this with their own wherewithal if they have it.


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