Private renters held a day of action outside Parliament to demand that the government delivers on its promise to end unfair evictions.

Renters and members of the Renters Reform Coalition met Sam Tarry MP (pictured, main image), Stephen Timms, chair of the Work & Pensions Committee and Lloyd Russell Moyle, chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group on Renters and Rental Reform, to share their experiences and ask them to reform the sector.

The Renters Reform Coalition is made up of 20 charities, unions and advice centres including ACORN, Citizens Advice, Generation Rent, NUS and Shelter. It organised the event to flag up the end of coronavirus protections for private renters; extended notice periods revert to two months on 1st October.


According to the English Housing Survey, 57,000 private renter households (or 1.27% of the PRS) were evicted in 2019-20. The coalition is calling on the government to end unfair evictions and introduce open ended secure tenancies, introduce a national register of landlords to raise standards, stop illegal evictions, end discrimination in rented homes and tackle the affordability crisis.

sue james renters reform

Coalition chair Sue James (pictured) says the pandemic is a painful reminder of the importance of a safe and secure home. “The lifting of the eviction restrictions takes that basic need further away,” she adds.

“Private renters cannot go back to the status quo – of high rents, unsafe homes and insecure tenancies. It’s time to make private renting better, not worse.

“Now that Parliament has returned, we have a once in a generation opportunity to ensure the private rented sector is secure and safe.”


  1. Of the 57,000 evictions quoted I wonder how many ‘unfair’ evictions were actually due to arrears or other breaches of tenancy by tenants, so not. unfair at all? LLs do not evict good tenant who pay their rent. When S21 is abolished and LLs have to use S8 I believe the numbers will change very little – LLs have been using S21 because it is easier than S8 – and tenants will continue to be evicted for non-payment of rent, ASB, damage to property etc.

  2. In my many years as a Landlord during which I have worked closely with the homeless sector, whether in conjunction with Local Authorities or homeless charities – and long before it became a political “hot potato”. Unfortunately, in that time I certainly have had need to legally evict a minority of tenants.
    Such actions have never been undertaken without a great deal of discussion to say nothing of my trying to provide assistance and/or guidance to the given tenant/s in order to attempt to resolve whatever issues being experienced.
    Sadly there are some tenants who fail to either understand or fully comprehend the responsibilities associated with their tenancy. Such aspects include;
    1. Ensuring their rent is paid or being paid on their behalf (including their ensuring that they liaise with the LA’s or UC departments in order to resolve any issues that might affect their rent entitlement being paid).
    Although the over-riding reason is associated with the following.
    2. Behaving in a manner such that they do not create problems whether to neighbours or their general locality. (Such facets include, having late night “parties” no matter what day of the week it is, blatant drug usage and/or dealing outside in the street, loud mouthing and/or fighting on a constant basis).
    The majority of tenants are good, reasonable people who live in a responsible manner which does not affect others and/or neighbours, accordingly such tenants have little to fear in regard to security of tenure, indeed I would suggest that many Landlords make every effort to retain such tenants.
    I am sure that we all accept that, as is the case with tenants, there will always be a minority of Landlords who similarly act in an unreasonable manner towards their tenants. It is a shame that the “powers that be” seem to be toothless tigers when it comes to dealing with such people.

    • A private tenancy by it’s very nature as currently set up in the UK is insecure.

      Secure tenancies such as the old regulated tenancies would just cause a collapse of the PRS for tenancies.

      Many LL would convert to SA or FHL or sell up.

      It would also cause a general collapse in property prices as LL desperately sought to evict all current AST tenants before regulated tenancies were reintroduced.

      A tenant has all the security they need providing they comply with AST conditions.

      But tenants must all understand that their tenancy is their at the gift of the LL.

      LL must always have the ability to do as they wish with their property assets.

      Most LL will wish to maintain good tenants in their rental properties.
      But only for as long as they wish to offer AST agreements.

      But LL are NOT council house suppliers who tend to have longer tenancy term arrangements.

      All my 5 evictions were for rent defaulting etc.

      There will be a big problem for tenants who rent default when S8 is the only recourse a LL has to repossess a property from a rent defaulting.

      EVERY rent defaulting tenant will result in a CCJ being registered on the Registry Trust.

      Because that is how S8 works.

      How many LL will be prepared to take on a tenant with proven rent default history!?

      Perhaps tenants realising the importance of NOT receiving a CCJ for rent defaulting WON’T rent default anymore.

      They will JUST tend to vacate before a LL is aware rent payments are an issue.

      Obviously that will mean the council WON’T house them due to rendering themselves intentionally homeless by vacating before being evicted by bailiffs.

      However far better to do that rather than be condemned to a CCJ for 6 years or more if the LL extends the CCJ for another 6 years.

      Such a CCJ could effectively prevent a tenant from EVER again obtaining a private tenancy.

      At least if a tenant vacates of their own accord they stand a chance of obtaining another private tenancy without the blot of a CCJ for rent DEFAULTING on their credit history.

      So perhaps having just S8 will substantially reduce the £9 billion in defaulted rent that LL suffer every year!

      It will be very interesting to see how tenant behaviour changes once S8 remains the only method for LL to repossess.

  3. 1.2%… Hardly a Tsunami… not even a trickle, more like a storm in a teacup.

    Let’s look at the facts rather than the fake…
    Landlords do not evict anyone it’s the courts that do that and there are many obstacles faced by Investors before they even get to court involvement.

    There is no such thing as an “Unfair” eviction… The case would have been looked at by the courts and even the council and social workers can get involved. There is a whole army of lawyers, charities etc on the side of the tenant whilst the investor stands alone and vilified for simply running a business.

    We all know that landlords would NEVER evict a reliable tenant paying market rent levels unless they needed to sell up or the tenants were behaving in an anti-social way or breaking the terms of the contract.

    Life long tenancies do not work, even councils and MP’s concede that that model fails in that there is zero mobility available to those tenants.

    All the new jobs in the north will need skilled workers, but Joe Blogs that may have formally worked at Dagenham car plant and will have transferable skills is stuck in London’s East End council ghettos because if he moves out he/she loses the “Tenancy for life” which is a valuable asset because at some point they could buy that property at a huge discount. (A ticket to move into a nice little house on a private estate)

    That same model also produces situation where someone who had a large family and were “Entitled” to a 4 bed council house is now elderly, the house has one occupant but they cannot be “Moved on” whilst at the same time another large family is living in a B&B paid for by the council at huge expense.

    The PRS offers flexibility, and competition forces up standards.

      • Exactly…. Because before ANY eviction can take place both sides have their say in court. Then the judge decides who is right and who is wrong.

        Just as any tenant can take their landlord to court if they believe the LL is failing in their statutory duties.

        The only joker around hear is you… The chap that makes lots of allegations that are made up with no evidence to back them up. The only person you are fooling is yourself. If you want to see a joker go look in the mirror.

        • s21 eviction is a given, there’s no contesting them unless a huge mistake was made. therefor if landlord wants to evict and rent on airbnb for more money there is no contesting it, it will happen. same if landlord reneged on a long term let promise by secretly selling the property shortly after a new tenancy, s21, no contest. same if tenant asks for repairs and gets given a s21 before council enforce the repairs or 6months after they are done, eviction with no contest.
          those i would call unfair and despite landlords denying these situations occur the government have the evidence and are taking steps to remove s21.

          • When Section 21 ends the tenant suffers a double whammy. Most evictions are not what you mention they are for rent default, cannabis farms, brothels etc.

            In the past a LL would simply issue S21, get the non-payer out and take a hit on the lost rents and just move on.

            Not any more…
            Section 8 is a whole different ballgame… LL has to PROVE default (Rent arrears) which SHELTER etc are bigging up because they have claimed all this nonsense about landlords kicking people out because they didn’t like the person hair cut etc…. and they are claiming victory for tenants.

            It’s a very hollow victory indeed because Shelter are handing a concrete block so someone in a swimming pool in the form of a CCJ

            S21 as the statute says was “No fault” The vast majority of LL and tenant parted ways and that was the end of it.

            S8 is ALL about fault. So, the tenant ends up with a CCJ plus an eviction and quite possibly a financial order for rent owed.
            Investor incurs far more costs and hassle and that’s not a way to make people happy so guess what. Instead of forgetting the rent arrears, while the investor is standing in front of he judge he will ask for a money order at the same time. WHOOPS…

            The former tenant will then have to seek accommodation in a cardboard box because no mainstream letting agent will entertain anyone with a CCJ for rent default PLUS the council will just term them as “intentionally homeless” for not paying their rent so no council flat either, even worse if they were in receipt of UC… Effectively in receipt of rent as part of the UC payment. Misuse of those funds (Not paying rent) is called Benefit Fraud.

            So that nice little earner for serial nonpayers comes to an end in a rather abrupt and less than pain free fashion.

            Furthermore, with a CCJ in their back pocket don’t expect to get car finance, credit cards, etc etc the pain will last for years, which gives me a warm feeling 😊
            Doubtless they will blame the landlord when it was the tenant that chose not to pay the rent and Shelter who advised them to campaign to scrap S21

            Hey ho… all through the posts there is a clear misunderstanding that investors are somehow providing “Social” housing… they are NOT. That’s the council’s job.

            Investors own assets and only a fool would believe that tenants have rights over that asset.
            Regardless of your ranting the investor will always be able to sell and re-deploy that money any way they choose. Air BnB anyone? Yes please I’ll have three ha ha ha

            I can guarantee that with investors leaving the sector and the change to more homeworking that has increased demand on the PRS. That means rents are increasing rapidly and the remaining investors have the pick of the crop when it comes to deciding who will occupy THEIR property, any whiff of “Citizen Smith” Power to the People types will, as Obama once said, find themselves at the back of the queue.

            As the saying goes… “Be careful what you wish for”

      • Its clear that you are a renter not an owner… So sooner or later you have to go cap in hand and beg for a tenancy…. or sleep in a cardboard box…

        You’ve done well in life eh…

      • Have you ever been involved with the costs and hassle if eviction.
        You really do talk absolute rubbish.

        To have a tenant evicted is a real PITA for LL.

        They only do so if no other option.
        98% of evictions are principally for rent defaulting.

        You are clearly an idiot troll.
        Why don’t you just FO to where your weird opinions are welcomed.
        Try the Guardian comments sections where weirdos like you espouse their opinions.

        • ahh yes anyone who doesn’t share the same opinions is automatically a troll. whilst s21 are used for rent arrears, your 98% figure is a guess.

          • No it isn’t a guess at all.

            Most S21 evictions are known to be for rent defaulting.

            You clearly don’t know much about LL imperatives.

            If you did you would know that very few LL venture to use S21 other than to quickly get rid of rent defaulting tenants

            When S21 goes EVERY tenants evicted under S8 will receive a CCJ.

            Would you take on any tenant applicant with a CCJ for rent defaulting!?

            If you did you would be an idiot.

            S21 has hidden rent defaulting from new LL.
            S8 evictions will mean no tenant can hide from their rent defaulting.

  4. A Landlord business is to rent a property, so if a tenant looks after it and pays on time there is no issue, the problems start when the tenant badly treats the property, or the neighbours or doesn’t pay rent on time. S21 is the go to solution for the problem tenants, without it there will be CCJ,s etc on record and little hope of tenants future renting when referencing is required.

  5. So 3 Members of Parliament meets 20 Rogue Charities in an effort to destroy Private Sector Housing, why have they still got Licenses, why hasn’t their Charity Status being removed.
    We as Landlords house millions of tenants including many vulnerable people plus many low paid & we subsidise their rent, kept a roof over their heads during pandemic. I will never again give a penny to any Charity. Citizens Bureau is for all citizens not taking sides, shame on you.

  6. The Councils are also ant-Landlord, they have proved that many times over with the unfair licensing Schemes that applies to the type of person you rent to, not the property.
    They want rid of section 21 to renege on their Statutory Duty to house people turning up with S.21 Court Order.
    Why on earth would they not pay rent lawfully due to Landlord but instead give it to the Tenant for no other reason than to give them the opportunity to steal it, to deprive the LL of his rent.

  7. So we house 4m renters
    or more according to regular reports and 1.27% were evicted does that mean 98.73% were to the satisfaction of the Tenant and the Landlord. I think that’s quiet an achievement considering the volume, the many different aspects and walks of life people have to contend with, hardly expect it to be zero would you.

  8. How about all these organisations, rush out and buy some housing stock to show the PRS how easy renting is?

    Or maybe its not so easy after all?

    And its just easier to bully the PRS.

    Nice to see the landlord associations doing bugger all, maybe a counter protest could have been organised?

  9. Also Section 21 is and has been used to get complaining tenants out for reasons such as mould and poor housing. So stop with the ‘it has never been used for that’ cobblers.

    Because I have seen it.

    Christine you are quite the bell end to put up a bitchy comment on people who can’t afford houses no doubt you are where you are due to inheritance 🙂

    As far as I am concerned I raised my own house deposit 💵 and will be buying my own property giving landlords a permanent Section 21 😉


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