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Plan revealed by Yorkshire city to 'get tough' on landlords

sheffield landlords

Sheffield Council is about to get tougher on private landlords as part of a new 10-year plan to improve the city’s housing.

Its draft strategy aims to work towards delivering better quality, safe, and energy efficient homes and follows a public consultation earlier this year.

The authority says significant investment is needed in the private sector to address housing hazards and, as part of its work towards improving standards it will use “evidence to prioritise action in the worst homes and for vulnerable households, promoting advice and information to tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities, and continuing to take council enforcement where necessary improvements have not been made”.

The council will tackle damp and mould by prioritising investment and sharing better information on the causes, remedies, and the help available.

It also wants to develop a residential net zero plan for all its housing, as well as improving understanding and awareness, and developing the Warm Homes Sheffield website and promotional campaigns to reach out to landlords, homeowners and tenants.


A report says: “We also recognise that a large element of this housing strategy will be delivered through the commitment and action of individual homeowners and private landlords, and we will support and encourage property owners to get involved and improve their own homes and housing by providing information including how to access government schemes, grants, and benefits.”

As part of the consultation earlier this year, Sheffield Council says more regulation in the private rented sector, including holding landlords accountable to their responsibilities and rent controls, was raised in feedback.

There will now be another consultation into the draft strategy over the summer, with a final plan confirmed in September.

Landords can make their voices heard on the council website.