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Peterborough looks to repeat success of former licensing scheme

peterborough selective licensing

Peterborough councillors have agreed to push forward with a new selective licensing scheme covering 40% of all private rental properties.

The scheme now needs the go-ahead from the full council next month and if agreed, would go to the Secretary of State for approval.

Its original scheme ran from December 2016 in 22 different areas of the city and according to the council, resulted in several improvements, including 284 properties where serious hazards have been corrected and a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

High deprivation

It reports that about 9,000 more properties in the PRS across 24 areas now fit the criteria for selective licensing, which include high anti-social behaviour and crime, poor property conditions and high deprivation.

Councillors have also agreed to analyse the potential for an additional licensing scheme covering three- and four-bedroom rental properties with shared amenities. It estimates there are up to 2,000 small HMOs in the city and says the introduction of additional licensing would also help regulate properties not covered by selective licensing.

Big success

Councillor Marco Cereste, cabinet member for climate change, planning, housing and transport, believes selective licensing has been a big success, with an improvement in the quality of private rental accommodation and a reduction in anti-social behaviour.

He adds: 'As a result, we have seen widespread demand for selective licensing to be introduced across Peterborough, but we can only apply for a scheme in areas which meet certain criteria. We believe the revised scheme covers as many properties as possible.'�


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