A rising star in the YouTube investigative blogger world has been trolled online after publishing a two-part investigation into property guru Samuel Leeds.

During it Georgie Taylor or Münecat, as she calls herself online, spends nearly an hour in each video examining the background, motivations, modus operandi and psychological profile of Leeds, as well as the consequences for some students of attending his academy’s courses.

But the videos, which together have already been viewed nearly 30,000 times on YouTube, have been met with displeasure among online supporters of the courses.

A Facebook user calling himself Ronald Simms – who is strongly suspected to be Leeds himself – has posted some characteristically strong views on the Truth About Samuel Leeds Facebook page, comments that were subsequently taken down by the person posting them.

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This is the same Facebook group that Leeds last week attempted to have shut down via legal letters sent to one of its moderators, Anthony Burgess.

In one post, Simms addresses Münecat, saying: “Your work is basically pornography for loser men to make them feel better about failures in life”, and then addressing the Facebook group, saying: “Little Miss Münecat spends two hours scantily dressed and insulting a business program that has helped literally THOUSANDS of people become financially free.

Referring to the former students featured in the videos, Simms says: “Georgie has clipped together hundreds of other videos and comments of other life failures who did not work hard enough or care enough about their own futures to fully commit to the AMAZING programme Mr Samuel Leeds offers an incredibly low price”.

Taylor has told LandlordZONE that has never experienced this level of animosity since she started posting he ‘deep dive’ videos on YouTube 18 month ago.

“It is obvious to me that it is high time that the activities of property gurus like Samuel Leeds and their academies are regulated properly once and for all”, she says.


    • “Strongly suspected to be Samuel Leeds”
      “Strongly suspected” by whom?
      It could be anyone making these comments.

      When it comes to these guru types, my attitude is caveat emptor.

      If people want to spend thousands of pounds listening to some 20 year old waffle on with sob stories and rehashed business jargon, they should be free to do so.

  1. I thought Georgie’s YouTube videos were very well researched and presented, appears she hit a raw nerve.
    Keep up the great productions Georgie, eagerly hoping there is part 3. 🤞🤞


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