A leading fashion and beauty Youtuber turned property investor has attracted more than 268,000 views for her video detailing how she successfully bid for a property online in 15 minutes without even seeing it.

Londoner Patricia Bright’s YouTube channel has nearly three million subscribers who watch her monologues about clothes and make-up, but Bright has now turned her attention to property, and her second YouTube channel – The Break – describes her investments and gives advice to millennials buying property in the capital.

In her latest video, Bright showed viewers a list of possible properties in an online auction and told them how she and husband Michael had worked out possible rental values.


An hour later she reported that they had successfully bid £220,000 for the property, exclaiming: “Michael bid on it and I hadn’t even finished with my eyelashes!”

Despite the speedy purchase, she explained that the couple had checked out the leasing paperwork so knew the property had been maintained, adding that they planned to do it up and rent it out, or would look to sell it if it went up in value.

“There’s a whole lot of unknowns with it so you have to buy it cheap to give yourself a cushion,” she told viewers, before proceeding to film herself going out to lunch and taking off her make-up.

The new purchase adds to her two other houses, and she told followers: “There is a lot of property that needs a lot of work in London. They are ripe for the picking for people who are interested in giving them love.”

Watch her video

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  1. Kids…
    Never EVER listen to fools on YouTube with get rich quick schemes.
    Always short on the negatives and over playing the positives.
    I think these self promoting (look at me look at me) and their silly followers will disappear up their own ar$es eventually.

    • What a silly Youtuber. Never believe this rubbish. If a property sells cheaply there is usually a very good reason. What idiot would purchase, or say they have purchased, a property without proper due diligence e.g. all the checks and balances solicitors do, surveyors reports etc.

      I know, a Youtuber who is only interested in milking revenue from a new property channel.

  2. Why is it silly to encourage and educate subscribers on how to invest in property? She’s doing a great thing in my opinion. She has a young fanbase and she is clearly using her platform to positively influence them. As a young black woman it is even more encouraging to see the steps she has taken to achieve financial freedom all the while dispelling stereotypes.


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