Landlords worried over local selective and HMO licensing compliance can now access a free service provided via the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) by digital platform Kamma.

Available to the NRLA’s 90,000 landlords as part of their membership, they will be able to access both live licensing updates via Kamma’s Licensing 365 service or via the trade body’s telephone advice line.

Until now, the Kamma service was available to letting agents only and other property market suppliers such as conveyancers, surveyors and lenders.

The service also enables landlords to significantly speed up the often time-consuming and arduous task of filling in a property licensing application form.


Property licensing is becoming an increasing headache for landlords within the UK’s urban areas as councils use selective and HMO licensing zones to enforce housing standards.

Kamma reckons the average fine for a landlord under these schemes is just shy of £4,000, although the rules vary and are applied haphazardly across the UK, although these can run into the tens, and occasionally hundreds of thousands of pounds.

orla shields kamma

“We know from experience that the complexity of local regulations can often be a barrier to compliance,” says Kamma CEO, Orla Shields (pictured).

“By partnering with the NRLA we’re able to provide immediate answers to member questions through the NRLA advice line and continuous monitoring of their properties through the Kamma Licensing 365 platform. “We know that a significant proportion of non-compliance is due to the difficulty of well-intentioned landlords not knowing what laws apply to their local area.”


  1. Of course we know, that the NRLA is firmly in bed with the government. Never, have I heard them publicly defending Landlords when we are continually being hounded by the government and all and sundry.


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