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NE city reveals plans for unusual licencing scheme

newcastle selective licencing

Newcastle Council has revealed plans for an unusual selective licensing scheme that includes building-specific zones.

Two of the areas proposed are blocks of flats - 20 flats in Columbia Grange, Kenton (main image), and 24 flats in Denton Court, Denton – which, if approved, would mean landlords would also be tasked with helping improve the upkeep of communal areas and outside gardens.

The plan, due to replace the current scheme in April 2025, will cover 10% of private rented homes in Newcastle, totalling 2,827 properties in six areas of the city where the council has highlighted significant and persistent problems caused by ASB, and high levels of deprivation and crime.

It is also proposing a new city-wide additional licensing scheme for smaller HMOs, and a consultation for both schemes ends on 28th May. A selective licence is set to cost £1,000 and an additional licence will be priced at £1,100.


A Newcastle Council spokesperson tells LandlordZONE that: "The Columbia Grange scheme is unique as it is the first time the authority has focused on a specific block of flats. “We are proposing this scheme in response to concerns from tenants and fellow landlords that properties are not being properly managed and looked after and we have received indications that it will be welcomed by local people,” she adds.

“If, following the consultation, the scheme is approved it will include specific conditions about waste management and looking after the garden areas they a reresponsible for.

"This will include maintaining and repairing all outbuildings,yards, forecourts and gardens surrounding the flats and keeping them clean,tidy, safe and free from infestations. The scheme will help us holdunscrupulous landlords who neglect their properties and managementresponsibilities to account.”


Kenton councillor Stephen Lambert (pictured) welcomes the new plans, he told NorthEast Bylines: “We’ve had several complaints about the condition of these homes from existing tenants and nearby neighbours especially over anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and unkempt gardens and communal areas.

"Private sector residents in Columbia Grange deserve a quiet life and homes which are fit to live in and are well managed.”

There are seven selective licensing areas already covered: in Cowgate, East End Terrace, West End Terraces, the HHRS area - Howdene Road, part of Howlett Hall Road, Ravenburn Gardens and part of Swinley Gardens in Benwell – and Scotswood Village. As well as Columbia Grange and Denton Court, the proposed new selective licensing areas also include Cowgate, HHRS, Lemington and West End Terraces.

The new designations will be in addition to the mandatory HMO licensing scheme, and the selective licensing scheme in Greater High Cross and Byker which ends in September 2026.

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