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LATEST: Coventry to clamp down on HMOs with new planning powers

Coventry City|david welsh coventry hmo

Coventry aims to come down hard on HMO expansion within the city by introducing an Article 4 Direction.

Councillors have approved the plans which will now form part of a public consultation this summer.

They hope to change the rules which currently allow landlords to turn some residential homes into HMOs without planning permission in areas with already high levels. All HMO conversions would also need planning approval.

The move follows the council's decision last month to introduce civil penalty fines of up to £30,000 for landlords flouting licensing conditions, including a failure to comply with over-crowding and improvement notices as well as failure to licence an HMO.

Coventry already has an additional licensing scheme for smaller HMOs controversially phased in during the worst months of the pandemic, and set up a free, voluntary accreditation scheme in a bid to raise standards in the sector.

david welsh coventry hmo

Councillor David Welsh (pictured), cabinet member for housing and communities, says it wants to manage the development of HMOs and have the ability to control their numbers in certain areas of the city.

He adds: 'Housing developments must meet housing needs in the city and that's good quality affordable homes that serve all of our residents delivering the right amount of open space including areas for play and recreation, and that have a positive impact on our neighbourhoods.'


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