A rogue landlord who harassed and tried to illegally evict his tenants has been slapped with the first anti-social behaviour injunction against a landlord.

Camden Council secured the injunction against Mohammed Ali Abbas Rasool, 29, of Manor House Drive, at The Royal Courts of Justice.

Working with the Met Police, Camden brought the case against Rasool after he repeatedly attempted to illegally evict and harass tenants at a property in Kilburn.

The injunction includes an exclusion zone around the house, which remains until 14th May 2022. Rasool can be arrested if he enters this zone.

Multiple complaints

Following a disclosure request made by the council to police, the court heard of similar reports made against Rasool by tenants in other boroughs. Camden’s private sector housing service is also investigating the safety and management of other properties operated by Rasool in the borough.

The council’s work to protect private renters is one of the most enthusiastic in London; it has registered more than 50 landlords on the Mayor of London’s rogue landlord checker, secured the capital’s first ever rogue landlord banning order and has now given out three of the four landlord banning orders in the capital.

meric apak camden

Councillor Meric Apak (pictured), cabinet member for better homes, says its HMO licensing scheme and rogue landlord taskforce continues to improve the standards in Camden’s private housing sector, empowering renters to take action and helping good landlords to run successful businesses.

He adds: “The legal action taken in this case was a necessary last resort. Our message to landlords and letting agents is that we are here to work with you; to provide advice and assistance first of all and to ensure you can meet your obligations.” 

Read more about rogue landlords.


  1. So when there are calls for more legislation because councils are powerless against bad landlords, this is proof that they do in fact have the powers if they choose to use them.

  2. I’m all in favour of a register of rogue / bad landlords PROVIDED we can also have a register of rogue / bad tenants. Lets not discriminate against one sector of society.

    • Govt will never agree to that.
      Feckless rent defaulting tenants cause LL over £9 billion in losses every year.

      Most of that is defaulted rent.

      Govt won’t wish to have an accessible list of rent defaulting tenants to LL.

      Because then these feckless tenants will have to be housed by Councils.

      Govt relies on feckless rent defaulting tenants who have been evicted to source new mug LL to take them on.

      Mostly these tenants succeed.

      So they don’t end up on Council homeless lists in Very expensive TA.

  3. How 29 year old could become landlord – living average house price 3 mil and owner of around million worth property?

    Mohamed Ali Abbas Rasool & his family is scamming landlords out of rent while pretending to be the “Landlord”.

    Article about how they made money under one of their many companies:


    About Mohamed Ali Abbas Rasool

    Made his name in Edgware road “makka” – when his father illegally converted rental properties and sublet them while not paying rent ( BBC watch dog; articles dated back to 2014 etc.)

    Then BBC exposed how these flats was also rented as serviced apartments on booking.com but he even then conned people paying for properties that don’t even exist while not paying and scamming Landlords.

    Business of not paying rent, changing companies, harassing tenants, landlords, fraud, renting to people who like to pay cash, scamming people online – has them paid off well in many property purchases.

    Ironic the real question here is

    How council / police / hmrc – knowingly has allowed this consequent behavior of:

    – renting to prostitutes, gay, transvestite, sex parties, drug use.
    – Not paying landlords on yearly basis
    – Committing fraud
    – Committing criminal activities such as harassment, changing locks
    – Illegally evicting tenants not only in this property
    – Illegally renting to tenants
    – Illegally jumping into flats
    – I am not mentioned property damage from all the criminal activities in the property
    – His father is disbarred from being director for this

    Only give injunction not to come close to his property? This is insulting and hilarious.

    My property is in prime location and he done fraud on my property from different names several times! Not once! This guy has at least 20 flats in Knightsbridge only where he probably doesn’t pay rent, as case with my neighbor building that was rented by him as brothel.

    The information about people and their criminal activities should be made public to protect law abiding citizens.

    Be aware: they will go to any limits not to pay you, scare you, manipulate you, harass you, act victim to keep their business going.

    Be aware : gang is working for Rasool on daily basis, so you will never prove it’s them and if you check online Zahra Rasool is solicitor so they know law to get injunction for unbelievable crimes.

    In my experience with “Ali”, Mohamed – he will fabricate evidence, send many different people to the property most people don’t understand they are being used, I have seen prostitutes, police every other day, change of locks, locksmith once taken lock out for non payment, renting to host illegal parties in corona virus, people having sex in the corridors right in front of property doors, transvestites hanging out of windows, fights and of course all for free because on landlords account this Ali and co, will buy properties to harass their own tenants probably for non payment of rent.

  4. Unfortunately I too am one of many Knightsbridge landlords with a similar experience.
    Mr Mohammed Ali Abbas Rasool and his gang have in fact recently hijacked our entire building… and we are far from the first. He also also hijacked an entire building in Hyde Park Gate.
    His henchmen had literally besieged our block (a Medieval scene in the heart of Knightsbridge – one block from Harrods!) and to our complete horror – took complete control of the building with leaseholders and tenants locked out: breaking through the front door, repeatedly changing locks and taking possession of one of the apartments. They menacingly patrolled the common parts guarding the front door, terrifying the single women tenants (through a deliberate strategy of intimidation), who were forced – to our complete dismay – to flee the building. He then reinstated a brothel in the apartment he was occupying. He has run many brothels at that apartment over the years with impunity, taking advantage of a non-resident flat owner and – regrettably – what appears to be a complicit estate agency.

    The owner of the flat that this gang occupied was forced to take out a High Court Possession Order on Mr Rasool (a long and laborious process, that Rasool and his in-house lawyer is well accustomed to exploiting). The police were called out on numerous occasions but were not been able to do anything, as this gang (headquartered in 34 Beauchamp Place, SW3 1NU)
    skilfully operate on the fringes of the law – and have on their team we believe, a
    lawyer who is registered with the Law Society.

    The police are aware of their activities both in Knightsbridge – where they are extending their reach, and also in Camden where he is a known rogue landlord. The problem now is that he is also a ‘rogue tenant’, and the following facts are self-evident:

    Firstly, now that Camden has closed off many avenues for him, Mr Rasool is clearly intent on expanding his criminal network into the lucrative Knightsbridge market at pace;

    Secondly his criminal business model has apparently changed. Whereas in Camden he was a ‘rogue landlord’ (and this was the focus of the investigations of BBC’s Watchdog programme in 2014 and again in 2021) – in Knightsbridge he is a ‘rogue tenant’, and his success predicates on expertly gaming the system. We believe that he is assisted in this endeavour by a family member who is a solicitor registered with the Law Society, and this may explain how he successfully operates on the fringes of the law, running rings around the police and even High Court. This is illustrated by the incredible ease with which Mr Rasool was recently able to successfully dupe the High Court into granting him an eviction/possession order as ‘claimant’ for one of the apartments in our building (even though he is not the legal owner of the apartment and could not possibly have a valid tenancy agreement), and then successfully persuade the police to actually hand him the keys to one of the apartments – which in turn has led to this extraordinary hijack;

    Thirdly, his modus operandi appears to be to harass vulnerable tenants into ending their tenancies (as in our building), and then to set up specious tenancy agreements in private or company names. They soon stop paying rent and install high value illegal sublets or brothels. If the tenancy is terminated, they simply continue under a different private or company name. Regrettably there is a strong suggestion that Mr Rasool’s pathway to success in Knightsbridge may possibly have been made considerably smoother by the venality of one or two prominent letting agencies.

    We are strongly of the opinion that unless there is a thoroughly coordinated and focused approach by local authorities and police on shutting down this menace, as was so impressively carried out by Camden Council, we fear that Mr Rasool will continue to expand his network with impunity in Knightsbridge thereby blighting the lives of many Londoners. It is imperative that lettings agents perform scrupulous checks to ensure that Mr Rasool does not succeed in causing further havoc in Knightsbridge or anywhere else. Equally estate agents must investigate any suspicions of corruption among their staff and ensure this is not repeated.


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