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Landlords write open letter calling out Government's 'attack on property sector'

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Jersey's private landlords have urged lawmakers to rethink radical plans to shake up the sector which they fear will exacerbate the housing crisis.

The Jersey Landlords Association (JLA) has joined other groups including the Jersey Estate Agents Association in writing an open letter to the Council of Ministers which labels proposals a 'government move to attack the property business with limited consultation from politicians'�.

They are concerned at plans to increase stamp duty for second homes and proposed changes to laws and licensing for landlords and tenants.


The letter explains: 'These new requirements, coupled with excessive bureaucratic procedures and costs, will discourage landlords from providing much needed rental accommodation, exacerbating the existing housing crisis and negatively impacting tenants in need.

"The new requirements will also increase red tape and administration, negatively impacting the productivity of the island, at the worst possible time.'�

It adds that there needs to be a proper analysis of rents covering the whole of the housing market and that potential rent controls with the effect of keeping rents below a market level would disproportionately affect landlords.

The groups want ministers to review their proposals and consider alternative approaches. However, Chief Minister Kristina Moore says she is supportive of new regulations and that the aim is to improve things for all involved in the sector. She adds that the government will continue to support the property market.

JLA chairman Guy Morris (pictured) tells LandlordZONE: 'A number of the signatories to the letter had a meeting with a number of ministers.

"It's fair to say the signatories came out of the meeting feeling that whilst our concerns had been listened to, government was, for the most part, not going to change their policies to deal with these concerns.'�

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