More people think that landlords should be forced to pay higher taxes than they do investors or homeowners, according to a new poll for the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Only 10% believe homeowners should be taxed more, while 43% think those who earn money from investments should pay more tax, but 47% say landlords should be hit harder – 29% say they should pay the same and only 11% say they should be taxed less.

Interestingly, those who own their homes outright are more likely to want landlords paying more (50%) compared to renters (48%), while Conservative voters are least likely to want higher landlord taxes (48%) compared to Brexit voters (59%) and Labour voters (50%).

The poll, conducted by policy research group Public First, found that young people (28%) and families (27%) are deemed to be most negatively affected by the tax system, while only 5% reckon landlords have been hardest hit and 10% think renters have been badly affected.

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The Tax Payers Alliance, which opposes almost all unnecessary government spending and tax raising, has the ear of government and its chief executive John O’Connell is due to interview the Chancellor Rishi Sunak at a Conservative Party Conference fringe event this week.

The poll found that working class voters are turning on the Conservatives over tax and the cost of living. Asked whether they trust the Conservatives or Labour more on “keeping taxes low for people like you”, 34% of people trust Labour more compared to 31% who chose the Conservatives; 35% of working-class voters chose Labour compared to only 22% for the Tories.

O’Connell says taxpayers are facing the highest burden in 70 years.

“They are crying out for politicians to relieve the pressures whittling away the money in their wallets,” he adds. “Hard-working households and struggling firms know that things are only likely to get worse over coming months. The Budget in October is an opportunity for the Chancellor to prove the Tories still care about cutting the cost of living for ordinary taxpayers.”


  1. Taxing LLs more will result in more leaving the sector and renting becoming harder and more expensive for tenants. If this happens who will pick up the slack in the Housing Sector?


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