Large numbers of student renters are unhappy with their landlords, a new study shows.

OpenRent’s survey found that 64% rate the support provided by their private landlord or letting agent during the pandemic as unsatisfactory compared with 51% who say the same of their student accommodation provider.

According to the findings, a third report that their landlord or university hasn’t given them a rent reduction when asked since last March, although 11% had received one.

Another two thirds report feeling trapped in a rental contract they no longer wanted.

The online lettings platform found that 11% of students are currently in arrears, owing an average of £1,341; 34% of students who rent have been unable to pay the full amount at some point since the pandemic started, while 56% of students find their rent “usually or always hard” to afford.

Rent arrears

OpenRent says 13% of students owe between one to two months and 7% are more than three months behind.

The survey reveals that 63% of students have worked since March 2020.

But they’ve lost an average of £2,761 in earnings since the start of the pandemic and 76% of those working say their ability to earn had been affected.

Only 30% of students who worked have been able to access the government’s economic support schemes.

OpenRent’s findings are similar to a recent survey from the National Union of Students which showed that 22% of students haven’t made their payments due to the pandemic, 27% haven’t paid bills and more than two-thirds are worried about being unable to pay rent.


  1. Err students don’t feel supported by their landlords , sorry but the deal is the landlord provides clean safe appropriate accommodation the tenant pays rent. Unless I’m mistaken the landlords are upholding their part of the deal. The fact the students aren’t using the accommodation is unfortunate but to expect the landlords to foot the bill is wrong.


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