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Landlord gives key evidence during trial of parents accused of son's murder

leeds road huddersfield murder

A landlord has given evidence in the Sebastian Kalinowski murder trial, who died at his home in Huddersfield.

Prosecutors allege his mother Agnieszka Kalinowska, 35, and her partner Andrzej Latoszewski, 36, subjected him to a campaign of abuse before his death in August 2021.

The landlord told in a statement read to Leeds Crown Court how he discovered a CCTV system had been put up in 301 Leeds Road, reports Yorkshire Live. The property (pictured) has since been boarded up.

He said: 'Sometime after he moved into the house I attended to cut back some bushes and I noticed a camera under a windowsill, and a camera in the garden, situated between plants.'�

The landlord said no one had asked his permission to install it and when asked about it, his tenants said they felt 'unsafe'� and that tenants next door were 'rough'�.


He said he became aware of a camera in the living room and he knew from Latoszewski, 'he could view the footage on his phone'�. He added: 'I know there was at least one internal camera.'�

The court heard that the landlord had intended to sell the property but did not tell the defendants at the time, and arranged for estate agents to carry out valuations.

He said: 'They were not very happy at all, they had their own personal things in the house, especially when an estate agent had been a week before. I was quite surprised - I had never had any problems with them.'�

The defendants are charged with murder, manslaughter, neglect, and allowing or causing the death of 15-year-old Sebastian.

Latoszewski has admitted manslaughter and both defendants have admitted cruelty to a child under the age of 16. The court has heard from family friends about '�punishments' he had to endure, and about texts between the defendants describing what they were doing as '�torture'.

The trial continues.


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