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Landlord couple fined thousands after ignoring property repair notices

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A landlord couple have paid a heavy price for ignoring their tenant's request to fix a boiler after being fined �3,500.

David and Emily Griffiths, of Tickhill Road, Harworth (pictured), Nottinghamshire left the tenant with no hot water or heating for three weeks.

During an inspection, Bassetlaw District Council officers also identified hazards relating to gas, electrical and food safety and structural issues at the property in Harworth and Bircotes.

The pair were each fined �990 with costs of �356 and a �396 victim surcharge, totalling �1,742 at Mansfield Magistrates Court.


After the tenant's first complaint in September 2021, the council received more complaints that although some problems had been rectified, there was a persistent issue with the central heating and hot water boiler. The landlords had not responded to their messages.

The council served a notice requiring the pair to carry out work which they failed to comply with, so the council was forced to replace the boiler.


While the Griffiths communicated with the council throughout the process and have reimbursed the council for the replacement boiler, they failed to attend an interview under caution and did not attend the hearing, where the case was proven in their absence.

Councillor Jonathan Slater (pictured), cabinet member for housing and estates, says: 'Mr and Mrs Griffiths failed their tenant and left them to live in conditions that were completely unacceptable.

'We hope that by highlighting this case, we send a message to neglectful landlords that if your properties do not meet the required standards, we can and will take action against you.'�

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