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Controversial landlord calls on Reform to back landlords with tax breaks

fergus wilson

Controversial landlord Fergus Wilson (main image) has questioned whether new Reform UK leader Nigel Farage (inset) would restore Landlord Tax to the previous headline rate and put Capital Gains Tax down to a flat 10% for all landlords - the level of tax paid if held in a company.

Wilson who, along with wife Judith previously owned hundreds of buy-to-let properties in Kent, posed the same question of Farage during the last election when he headed up the Brexit Party.

Farage has highlighted onerous regulations on private landlords on GB News, while Wilson has criticised the government for driving away potential and existing landlords with punitive tax measures.

However, Wilson – who was recently handed a suspended prison sentence for breaching an injunction preventing him from harassing staff and councillors at Ashford Borough Council - believes there is no easy answer to the housing question.


“Everyone is entitled to somewhere to live but the problem is that there is insufficient housing to accommodate them and is unlikely to be in the foreseeable future,” he tells LandlordZONE. “Buying patterns have changed and now no one wants to be a landlord.”

Following the introduction of assured shorthold tenancies in 1989, many lenders withdrew from funding buy-to-let and it wasn’t seen as attractive as previously.

With increased stamp duty, and the phasing out of mortgage interest relief, Wilson says in early 2017, 83% of mortgages sold were BTL mortgages but by the end of 2017 it had dropped to 7%.

“The present-day situation is that 40% of couples do not have children and have no intention of having children,” he adds.

“Hence the BTL element, which basically provided housing for councils, are being purchased by owner occupiers. Of those buying via a BTL mortgage, only 18% took tenants on benefits.”