A rogue landlady who ignored improvement notices to make urgent repairs has been handed a charging order, forcing her to sell the property.

Alle Sabboth failed to do the necessary work on her house at 5 Markham Close, Northampton (pictured), and then didn’t pay a £12,400 fine. While she can rent out other properties in future, Northampton Council says it could seek a banning order preventing her from permanently being a landlord if she commits a repeat offence.

Housing enforcement officers first inspected the property in December 2018 and found a long list of hazards including faulty door locks, inadequate plug sockets and holes in the ceiling.

They issued an Improvement Notice, but when officers went back to the property a month later, discovered her tenants were still living in the same hazardous conditions because Sabboth hadn’t done any of the work.

They handed her a fine in January 2020, which she didn’t pay and then later appealed against. However, this was refused as it was months past the deadline and she hadn’t given a good reason for the delay. Her tenants will also now be able to apply for a rent repayment order.

Councillor Stephen Hibbert (pictured), cabinet member for housing, says it’s taking a hard line against landlords who don’t take their responsibilities towards tenants seriously.

He adds: “Unbelievably, this is not the worst property we have investigated and taken action against, which is why I strongly urge landlords to ensure they are fulfilling their duty of care to their tenants.”

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  1. Some people just are not suited to being landlords.
    I find the phrase “accidental landlord” interesting.
    I’ve never heard of an “accidental surveyor” or an “accidental bank manager”.
    I’ve never heard of someone “accidentally” buying a FTSE 100 tracker.


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