The evictions ban should be extended for at least another year after August 23rd, says Labour’s former shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, just one of several anti-Landlord measures he has proposed over the weekend.

His comments, made to a national newspaper, are part of his plans to introduce a radical package of changes to the rental market that are unlikely to help win the landlord vote for Labour.

His call to the government goes even further than Scotland’s announcement last week that it was to extend its evictions ban by another six months to the end of March next year.

“Many people are becoming desperately worried that they will now face eviction,” he told The Guardian newspaper.

“Many cannot rely upon the goodwill of their landlords to prevent them losing their homes.

“That’s why it is premature to end the ban on evictions, especially with so many jobs being lost and incomes drying up.”

McDonnell also directly attacked landlords, saying: “Housing should be a right for all, not an investment opportunity for a few”, and has proposed radical reforms to ‘curb the power of landlords’ and tackle the UK’s housing crisis.

Once the Covid crisis is over, McDonnell says a Labour government should bring in an increase in capital gains tax for second homes, a legal limit on the number of properties that individual landlords can own, a ban on the purchasing of homes through companies, and cancelling rent arrears caused by Covid-19.

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  1. The man’s an idiot.

    In being against landlord’s he’s not doing tenants any favours. I can’t be the only landlord who bought houses nobody else wanted. I didn’t outbid anyone; anyone could have bought the houses that I bought, but, probably due to the bad state they were in, only investors were interested.

    In limiting the number of houses a landlord can own does this force a landlord to give notice to the tenants? How can the landlord evict the tenants if the notice is so long? Where will these evicted tenants go? There are certainly not enough ‘council’ houses where I live to house the people already wanting a home, and I’m sure it’s a problem all over the country. Will we end up with tent cities like in America?

    Mr McDonnell hasn’t really thought this through has he? Everything about his ideas is wrong, just so wrong.

    • I completely agree with you, like too many politicians John McDonnell doesn’t consider the consequences of his ideas.

      I also don’t understand why this article is reported as if he has any power to carry out changes to the law. He’s not in Kier Starmer’s shadow cabinet and the Labour Party are not in Government so he’s not in a position to put any of his ideas into practice. The current situation has been created since 2010 by a conservative government and no one else.

  2. McDonnell also directly attacked landlords, saying: “Housing should be a right for all, not an investment opportunity for a few”
    Another great idea, transport should also be a right for all so lets have free buses, trains, taxis, ferry’s and air travel, why stop there , lets get free gas,electricity and phone calls.
    Food, if your out of work because of covid then off to the supermarket and fill your trolley for free.
    What could possibly go wrong ?

    • Walter Mitty : I’ve been affected by covid. One of my tenants has now lost his job and can’t pay his rent until UC kicks in. Does that mean I I have a right not to pay my own mortgage and the buy-to-let mtg? Surely it does! After all the banks with whom I have mortgages have seen my mortgages as investment opportunities .

      Maybe Mr McDonnell can answer this.

  3. Mr McDonnell needs to live in the real world. What a total idiot! Cancel rent arrears after covid. Yeah right!!!!!!
    Tell you what if he wants that to happen i will gladly send him my bill for my arrears and he can pay it as i am sure he can afford it!!!!! Instead of talking rubbish why does he not engage his brain before he opens his mouth and makes such statements.

  4. As a landlord who tenant decided not to pay their rent after 1st month and deposit, due to lockdown and current rules my tenant is now 7 months in arrears and this will increase due to delays in court proceedings. It now appears the tenant has used property to claim UC and as this is now being paid direct to me, they now appear to be subletting. As a landlord there is nothing I can do except go through the process. If John McDonnell was to get this passed I would be owed over £10k in arrears plus legal & court costs ! How would he feel if he was told he would not receive any income for the next year but must still pay all his bills ! Whilst I appreciate their are unfair landlords, I honestly feel that until they deal with bad tenants the abuse the private rental market & be fit system things will never improve. I can’t be the only person who realises that simple measures will create a fairer respectable rental system ???

  5. Mr McDonnell wants to have a chat with some of his labour stalwarts, I have a tenant who decided not to pay the rent knowing that i can’t evict even though the rent was being paid to them through UC. They must have thought it was christmas, they have blocked my number when I try and phone, refuse to talk or open the door when i call so I then asked UC to pay me direct when arrears hit 2 months. UC eventually came back to me and paid July’s rent direct. The Tenant has since gone back to UC by missing an appointment which closed that claim and I haven’t been paid for August. They have since opened a new claim and had the rent paid to them and I have to go through the whole rigmarole again and might get Septembers if I’m lucky. A section 8 is waiting to be delivered on the day we can notify.
    My point is Mr McDonnell wants to look at the wider picture and not allow the”lowlife, anything for free, any scam will do” tenants before he then condemns them all to life on the streets because without social landlords like myself thats what will happen……..end of rant

  6. The mans a total tosser that doesn’t live in the real world. Maybe he should have a business with bad creditors and just write those off. See how he feels then. What a waste of space he is and doesnt deserve a job. If he brings in these measures there will be 4 flats for sale and 4 families for the council to rehome

    • The big problem with JM bonkers ideas is the Tories seriously look at stealing the Labour clothes to achieve more Tory votes from traditional Labour voters.

      LL should be very afraid of these bonkers ideas.
      With the Tories Labour doesn’t need to be in power for such bonkers policies to be adopted by this Tory Govt.

      The Tories are simply shameless.
      They know they can do anything to LL and it will not be electorally damaging to the Tories.

      Indeed probably exactly the opposite!!

      LL should be very afraid of these Labour proposals.

  7. We had to buy our 2nd property because we had the flat above it and the whole building had subsidence and the freeholders wouldn’t deal with it; we also had a lease that was down to 62 years…. we took out a huge bridging loan at a huge risk to ourselves at a time when we had 2 small children… it was the only thing we could do. No one would buy our flat because of the subsidence and the lease. At the time it nearly broke us. 35 years later yea, the value has gone up hugely and so we’ll pay cap gains tax when we sell it and as a second property I don’t see why we should pay a higher tax than anyone else. Most people selling their only home don’t pay cap gains anyway. So it’s mainly only those selling a 2nd home anyway. And we still can’t likely can’t either of sell them easily or at full price even though the subsidence and leases are fixed because of the blight of subsidence…. There’s many reasons why people became landlords but we feel we are pretty reasonable. We haven’t put the rent up for either of our tenants for about 7 years…

  8. Am a landloard my self,he is just talking rubbish.
    As a landloard i never pay the asking price for any property i just give of whats i think is a fair price and if they accept thats fine if they don’t no problem move to the next.
    Am not stopping anyone from buying there property is luck of people wanting to buy for sure!
    It just begs the question if my much lower than asking price is accepted what does that mean!
    It just means that people are not interested on properties as they actually make it sound they are.
    A lot of people don’t care much about a property ownership Nowadays but to have fun and enjoy life, as a property investor my self i see there point,but i just cant help my self from buying properties😂

    We get tax on rental income a lot more now,more stump duty and a lot of upkeep all the time.

    Uk Government Has to do more to keep property investors in UK before we look at other country’s to invest,by the way a lot more money to be made out there.

    Recently lenders have refused to lend to my property company so that may have already be in place am not so sure,no apparent reason was give just head office decline.

    Property is all ways going to be a business like or not!
    No one thats a life now,has invented the business of buying and selling properties ,it has been there long before any of us and it will be still here long after we are gone.

    God help you all,Stay safe.

  9. sorry. but this country has gone to dogs. its become a scam heaven. when your assetts become your liabilites. time to move on. sell up. move it abroad anywhere but uk. its a social welfare state. the army of free loaders is growing exponentially. government rather load that burden on you than themselves. these kind of draconian laws will become mire frequent. money is dryingup and they are lookibg for whoever has money. if you want to stay you those who disagree can stay you are welcome and pay the price. it will only get worse. goodluck. storm will come. you can wait….cleaver will take shelter and run. to sellup now its too late. should have sold when they left EU. now they will buture you untill you have nothing left. i have no assetts left here any more. moved all abroad… i can laugh in their face. watch the program cant pay theyll take it away. your assetts will become your liabilities.

  10. This a vendetta against the landlords. The politicians are siding with the tenants against the landlords because there are a lot more tenant voters than landlord voters. Soon private property condition will be like in the former Soviet Union with most if not all rented housing crumbling or in deserted and in ruins.

  11. I have been renting properties for over 20 years. I am disabled 55 old women. Why am I responsible for able people. Why are landlords the only people that are not helped ever

  12. McDonnell has gone mental – a complete idiot who does not know what he is talking about. I have three tenants who in total owe me c£20k and McDonnell wants another 1 year ban on evictions. Is he going to pay my mortgage payments?? I have 2 properties which have been empty since Feb/March – No income at all but I am still paying my mortgage payments, council tax and utility bills (Hefty standing charges!!) on them although there is no usage at of gas,electric & water. Outgoings only and No Income whatsoever!! Will Mcdonnell cover all my outgoings?? Get to your senses McDonnell and come back to reality

  13. McDonnel wants to create a personal platform for self advancement: private landlords are an easy sector to pick on – almost demonising them. In reality, it costs him nothing, and promotes his ideology that it’s right to take or otherwise requisition, redistribute and control landlords’ interests in order to secure and build a significant body of peoples (who in reality would never have been offered housing by any government: none can afford it, and the last labour government left the nation virtually bankrupt… ) to support his ideology! Music to many tenants who regardless of being able to pay rent will not, and will exploit landlords everywhere.

  14. Completely not thought through arguments has he, if he did he would realise he will cause a housing crisis by introducing those measures. Why dont the government pay the rent if a tenant cant pay due to covid19? Plenty of other businesses are being bunged with cash

  15. As a landlord for over 30 years, I fail to understand why someone who is in a position to regulate the rental system for both Tenant AND Landlord, cant see what we can !!!

    Cut tax allowances – increases rent
    Withdrawal of reasonable fees (ie. reference costs) – Increases rent
    Housing benefit paid direct to tenant and not passed to Landlord – Increases rent
    Those abusing the system (unpaid rent) – Increases rent
    Higher stamp duty (2nd homes) – Increases rent
    Slow & costly legal process – Increases rent
    Councils telling tenants to stay until evicted – Increases rent
    and the list goes on…..

    We urgently need a major review to create a system that works fairly for both good tenants and good landlords and identify the bad ones who repeatedly abuse it. In turn this would create fair rents, longer rental contracts, less burden on the taxpayer and legal system, less work for authorities and Landlords and a stable environment for tenants….

  16. Owing rent And damage properties should be criminalised – that would sort the issues out.
    On the other hand – the government need money to cover huge debts .
    Ways to cover that debt :
    they will come after landlords And peoples money- doing it
    Printing money- done
    Create a war-

  17. Luckily his party is not in government and in no position to call for anything. I don’t even know why the newspapers listen to people like him. They must be hard up for news. He will have to wait for his party to win the next election and then suggest it again. Not that any landlord would vote to have a nutter like this in charge…. would they?

  18. I used to be labour voter, now the prospect scares me to death. The only people who will ever vote for them are freeloaders who think that everything should be given to them on a silver plate. If they ever do get in power then god help the countries landlords.

  19. I agree with all of the comments above, plus a few more but, this is a bit of an insignificant rant from a failed petty megalomaniac whose main achievement so far was ensuring that the labour party was un-electable at the last election.
    Rather sad really, but in situations such as this lets try and see the bright side, all the while people like him exist we will be safe from the extremes of socialism. When I say that please understand I see nothing wrong with socialism, that it is necessary in correct balance with capitalism.


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