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Labour MP tells TV show that Section 21 evictions wrong in all circumstances

diane abbott section 21 evictions

Labour MP Diane Abbott has told TV viewers that bad landlords are those who use Section 21 to evict their tenants, whatever the reason.

Despite there being genuine reasons for using the notice, such as non-paying tenants or anti-social behaviour, the London MP appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain that a bad landlord was 'somebody who uses the no fault eviction to get you out'� and someone who 'puts up the rent every three months, every six months'�.

Talking about how the rental market was being plagued by 'stratospheric rents'� which meant younger people were never going to be able to afford to buy because every penny went on rent, she added: 'That is what is causing renters so many problems. There's no certainty because bad landlords just want to exploit the market.'�

Abbott said a Labour government would encourage good landlords but bear down on bad landlords and put an end to no fault evictions.

Viewing charges

It would also ban landlords from charging tenants to look round a property. 'Some of them are charging a relatively small amount - �30 '� but some of them are charging hundreds of pounds.'�

Presenter Kate Garraway told her that Good Morning Britain could only find one or two anecdotal cases where tenants had been charged �5 or �10 and reminded her that the practice was already illegal.

Abbott insisted many estate agents had reported the problem and added: 'We would bring in a renters' charter which would say landlords couldn't charge to view a property '� the current law doesn't seem to be biting.'�


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