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HMO software giant 'pockets' Rick Gannon's Go Tenant

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The UK’s leading HMO management software for landlords, COHO, has bought rival Go Tenant.

Rick Gannon (main picture, left), who established Go Tenant in 2017 and has since become one of social media’s better-known buy-to-let gurus with a huge social media following, built his software in a bid to solve the ‘glaring deficiencies’ of existing HMO platforms at the time.

COHO says the acquisition makes it the ‘go-to platform for self-managing landlords, rent-to-rent operators, serviced accommodation providers, and HMO agencies’.

“This acquisition is a pivotal moment for COHO and the property management industry as a whole,” says COHO founder Vann Vogstad (main picture, right).

“By integrating Go Tenant's expertise and innovative solutions with our platform, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to property investors and agencies.

Gannon, who founded Go Tenant with his wife Lorraine but also has a large portfolio of HMOs in and around Worcester, says: "Joining forces with COHO represents a thrilling new chapter for property entrepreneurs.

“Our journey has always been about empowering landlords with the tools they need to succeed, and this merger amplifies our ability to do so.”

Both COHO and Go Tenant were built and launched to solve a key problem for many landlords and letting agents, namely that traditional tech for managing normal long-term lets are not suited to HMOs and the unusual challenges they present, including different regulations such as fire and safety and licencing.

An unusual video has also been released on YouTube featuring Vogstad and Gannon explaining more about the deal while they play snooker (main pic).

COHO is also due to hold its regular awards and conference for the HMO sector on the 31st May at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire.

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