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Minister says Renters Reform Bill WILL be introduced 'during this parliament'

simon clarke

The Renters Reform Bill will be introduced during the current parliamentary session, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has told MPs.

matthew pennycook

Simon Clarke (main pictured), who has been leading the department since his predecessor Michael Gove was sacked by Liz Truss following her leadership victory, told his Labour opposite number Matthew Pennycook (pictured) that introducing the Bill was a priority for the government.

This means that the necessary legislation will be introduced during the 'next parliamentary session'� which means before Spring 2024. A consultation on a key part of the Bill, a Decent Homes Standard for the private rented sector, has just closed.

But to stand any chance of becoming law, particularly given the current political machinations in Westminster and the looming General Election in January 2025, the Renters Reform Act needs to start its parliamentary journey therefore before Spring next year as most legislation takes approximately a year to pass scrutiny within both houses of parliament.

Mixed messaging

Pennycook told Clarke, referring to last week's leak that Truss had considered scrapping the ban on Section 21 evictions to be included the Act, that: 'Private renters need long-term security and better rights and conditions now, not chaotic mixed-messaging from a Government in disarray.

'So can the Secretary of State give a cast iron guarantee from the despatch box today that, if the Government is still standing come the time, a Renters Reform Bill will be brought forward in the next parliamentary session.'�

Answering him, Clarke said he could confirm that the Bill would be brought forward 'in the course of this parliament'�.


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