Multi-millionaire landlord Fergus Wilson has been arrested after clashing with a council worker over furniture removal outside one of his properties.

Wilson’s workmen were loading dissembled furniture into a van in Perryfield Street when the environmental health officer from Maidstone Council arrived.

An altercation ensued, the police were called and he was arrested on ‘suspicion of assault’. However, after being taken to the police station, he was released without charge due to a lack of evidence.

He tells LandlordZONE: “The officer concerned called me racist for referring to him as a ‘petty little Hitler’. I told him he had blue eyes, blond hair and was English just the same as myself.

“He said I had assaulted him. I am 73 years old in a few days but if I had punched him he would have been out cold.”

Disgruntled neighbour

Wilson believes a disgruntled neighbour reported the workmen and that there may have been confusion over whether they were actually his employees and legitimately on a job.

He explains that the disagreement arose over the definition of commercial waste.

“The house is being sold after the tenants had moved out and has a stairway with a bend in it where you can’t get up conventional furniture.

“The council seems to think that if the landlord dissembles flat pack furniture to remove it, such as a dining room table – in order to reassemble at another house – it is to be regarded as commercial waste. However, if you do not disassemble it, such as a settee, then it is not commercial waste.”

Wilson adds: “Maidstone has the most acute housing situation in Kent but I’m not surprised if they carry on like this.”

A Maidstone council spokesperson tells LandlordZONE: “Maidstone Borough Council can confirm that a vehicle was seized in Perryfield Street which was carrying materials that required a waste carrier’s licence. We are unable to comment further on the incident as it is currently being investigated by Kent Police.”

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  1. There should a be a directive for all council staff to help people.

    It seems to me, the council officer saw a van with furniture, assumed it is trade waste, and then treats them the same as fly tippers (or unlicensed waste removal company). That is why the council has seized the van (the law was meant to seize vehicles of fly tippers). You don’t need a waste carrier to move things from one home to another (or storage). However, if it is going to the refuse tip, then it may need a waste carrier license. It is only waste, if it has a value of £0….

    These laws are meant to catch fly tippers, not to cause an obstruction to people going about their daily business.

    This is why my builder refuses to take waste to the refuse tip (as they don’t have a waste carrier license) and he has to call a specialist.

  2. I’ve often moved tenants and their bits of furniture into my properties.
    This has been carried out on the pavement.

    At no time have I ever had a waste licence.

    I have never been to a tip with my van.

    Any council official interfering with my transportation of tenant goods would be told where to go and I would use the same words as FW.

    Council officials are petty little Hitlers!


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