The Tory party faithful have begun speaking out against the Government’s private rented sector policies and its disregard for landlords.

Historically acknowledged as the party of the landlord, Conservative party member Chris Town – himself a landlord – says that by executing a U-turn on the evictions ban, the Government has lost the trust of a large number of natural Conservative supporters.

Says Town: “It’s completely unacceptable to expect landlords to undertake the responsibility of the state to subsidise those who are struggling to pay their rent.

“I might expect Labour to have no sympathy for landlords, but I would hope that a Conservative Government would show some understanding that most landlords are not wealthy and cannot afford to forgo rent for long periods of time.”

He believes interest-free tenant loans paid to landlords are the best way to cover Covid-related arrears.

“Similar schemes have already been developed in Scotland and Wales meaning once again that the UK Government is on the back foot, rather than taking the initiative to support renters and landlords,” adds Town.

Writing in The Telegraph, Baroness Altmann also supports the call for tenants’ loans, as well as loans or direct relief for landlords to tide them over their loss of income. The peer says the further evictions suspension is “not what one would expect from a Conservative government”.

She believes that many landlords, especially pensioners, are deeply disappointed that it hasn’t recognised the problems they face when tenants stop paying their rent, and urges the Government to redress the balance that has tipped so far against landlords.

“It’s time to recognise that most landlords are not heartless corporations, but decent citizens who have worked hard to invest in a property to supplement their income,” says Altmann.


  1. I have been shafted by both UC and Dartford Borough Council on Benefit cases trying to get rent paid directly to me. I’ll never take another benefit case. I’d rather leave the property empty. In fact I have been and even have one left empty. Any property that becomes vacate I will sell. It make no difference now what the government say or intend to do. They confidence in the market (for me) is finished. Let the councils become the only private and social landlord. Next will be an increase in Capital Gains to try to dissuade landlords selling up along with penalties for having an empty property. We will be between and rock and hard place. Trapped for trying to provide for our futures and pensions as opposed to relying on state benefits.

  2. Hear! Hear!
    It is about time. I have always felt that if this Government wants landlords to bear the burden, then they should be compensated. There is already a precedent for small businesses which have been given £10000 each.
    Tenants are not stupid. They will work the ‘oven ready’ system handed to them to its limit.

  3. I have two properties under renovation currently. I was planning to let them, due to government stupidity and anti landlord rhetoric from all sides I will be selling these properties. Also intend to sell another six properties over next few years to use capital gains allowance each year. I’m moving into Holiday Lets and renovation.

  4. A far bigger problem is the ridiculous S24 tax policy.
    This is what Tory Party supporters should be railing against.

    There is not one mention of S24 anymore in MSM.

    The current eviction situation is a minor detail in the overall scheme of things.

    It is S24 that undermines hundreds of thousands of LL.

    It is the most ridiculous tax policy any Govt has invented beyond that of the Window Tax.

    It is the only business NOT permitted to offset finance costs against income.
    Every other UK business is permitted to do so.

    It is clear the Tory Govt still seeks the eradication of mortgaged sole trader LL as some sort of misguided appeasement of idiot GR snowflakes in the vain hope that GR will vote Tory.

    Talk about naive or what!!??

    GR would rather have their teeth pulled than vote Tory!!

    Govt should immediately abolish S24.
    Should abandon all efforts to abolish S21.

    It should adopt a fast track eviction process like that of Australia in cases of rent default only.
    So 2 weeks and the tenant is removed by Police if the tenant refuses to vacate of their own volition.

    The Govt war against LL needs to end.

    If Govt is so keen to allegedly assist GR then this is what I suggest they do.

    Restrict ALL new BTL mortgages to no more than 50% LTV.

    This means new mortgages NOT remortgaging which the lenders may still offer more than 50% LTV

    Make lenders offer 95% LTV IO mortgages with an end term of age 95 from age 18

    Offer MIRAS for FTB for properties up to a value of £500000.

    Changing these things would transform things and would stop this ridiculous Tory war against LL

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