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Council proposes unusual property licencing REDUCTION!

bexley property licencing HQ

Landlords are being urged by a London councl to take part in a consultation on plans for a new, slimmed down selective licensing scheme.

The London Borough of Bexley's previous scheme ended last August and covered Thamesmead North, Abbey Wood/Lower Belvedere, Erith and Manor Road after it recorded high levels of private renting coupled with high levels of antisocial behaviour.

It resulted in 2,104 (86%) applications out of an estimated 2,451 licensable properties. Bexley Council inspected 310 properties within the scheme and found that 220 of these had Category 1 and 2 hazards that were removed by either formal or informal action.  

No evidence

However, it says there is no evidence to support introducing a selective licensing scheme based on the current areas as they would not meet the criteria for property conditions or ASB.

Instead, it is proposing to either licence just the Belvedere Ward – the council’s preferred option – or a small number of areas. The Belvedere Ward has the highest percentage of PRS properties and Category 1 hazards and has elevated levels of antisocial behaviour.

It says a single geographical area is considerably easier to communicate to residents, landlords and tenants and should make awareness and compliance easier to achieve than covering small areas dotted around the borough.

£800 fee

A £800 fee has been proposed for the chosen scheme which, following a consultation that runs until 3rd April, should start by the autumn.

Cabinet member for communities and housing, councillor Sue Gower (pictured), says: “I’d urge anyone with links to the area – whether as a tenant, homeowner, landlord or local business – to read the proposal and complete the consultation.

"We’ll then be able to consider all options and ensure that we make the right decision for local people.”

Image credits: Bexley council/Google Streetview

Respond to the consultation here


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