Ashfield District Council plans to drastically reduce fees to reward good landlords if its renewed selective licensing scheme gets the go-ahead.

It has just launched a consultation to repeat the scheme across all rental properties in the Sutton Central (New Cross) and Stanton Hill areas of the Nottinghamshire authority and suggests discounting the £350 licence fee by £100 throughout the five years for those landlords who belong to an accreditation scheme.

Early bird offer

Stacy White, team manager for environmental health, tells LandlordZONE: “In our last designation we did offer this discount but only for the first three months of the scheme – a sort of early bird offer. This time we have considered landlords who may purchase within the five years of the scheme and feel that the offer should be open to any landlord regardless of when they need to apply for a licence.”

In nearby Nottingham, licensing fees for its selective scheme are much heftier at £890, reduced to £670 for those accredited.

Possible action

Ashifeld councillor John Wilmott, cabinet member for licensing, environmental health and regulatory services, says selective licensing is an important tool that allows it to make improvements to and regulate private housing. “It means landlords and tenants must act responsibly or face possible action from the council – stopping the mindless few who may be causing problems,” says Wilmott. “As successful as the current selective licensing scheme has been it is important that we listen to the views of residents, tenants and landlords who are affected by it.”

The consultation runs until 28th February.


  1. Fact check: Nottingham City Selective Licensing Fee is £890 unaccredited / £670 accredited. The figures you quote are for HMO licensing.

  2. PMSL

    How about this strange idea:

    1) Ban bad landlords

    2) Don’t charge other landlords

    Nope, too much “outside the box” thinking there.

    Oh hang on, do you think Councils could be charging Landlords just because they can and it has nothing to do with good or bad landlords at all.

    Cynical, moi?


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