Landlords have rejected the Chancellor’s extended Job Support scheme which is intended to help businesses affected by current and future local and national lockdowns preserve jobs.

Sunak said today that the government will pay two thirds of employees’ salaries and offer cash grants to businesses told to close during the pandemic this winter, of up to £3,000.

But the proposals have been criticised by the National Residential Landlords Association, which reckons these local ‘furlough payments’ will not be enough to help renters who are already behind in their rent due to Covid.


“The impact of local lockdowns makes it even more important that the Chancellor acts without further delay to bring in a package that will help tenants and landlords to sustain tenancies,” says its Chief Executive Ben Beadle (left).

“Landlords cannot be expected to subsidise tenants who are struggling to meet arrears indefinitely.

“The Government should develop tenant hardship loans such as those in Scotland and Wales to support renters in England who have built arrears since lockdown began in March but are not in receipt of benefits. 

“There also needs to be extra support for those who rely on benefits to meet their housing costs.”

The scheme will start on November 1st and last for six months.

“I have always said that we will do whatever is necessary to protect jobs and livelihoods as the situation evolves,” says Rishi Sunak.

“The expansion of the Job Support Scheme will provide a safety net for businesses across the UK who are required to temporarily close their doors, giving them the right support at the right time.”

Read the HM Treasury announcement in full.
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